Wellness Consciousness

Wellness consciousness is a psychographic variable with great power to predict diverse health-related attitudes and behaviors. However, previous studies largely focus on actual behaviors as measures of health consciousness and do not explore its underlying psychological traits. This paper mainly investigates the influencing mechanism of people’s health consciousness on home-based exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results show that health life goal and perceived behavioral control mediate the relationship between health consciousness and home-based exercise. Spiritual WellnessSpiritual wellness involves having a deep sense of peace, self-awareness and personal beliefs. It can be nurtured by prayer, meditation, time in nature and

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to promote psychological well-being. It is usually applied to the skin or inhaled. It is not regulated by the FDA and should be used only under a trained practitioner’s supervision. Some studies suggest that aromatherapy can help people with stress and anxiety relax (7). However, other studies are mixed. It’s a complementary treatmentAromatherapy is a type of complementary treatment that uses plant oils to promote relaxation and improve mood. It is used by many people, including nurses, therapists, and doctors. The oil is usually inhaled through the nose or applied to the skin during a massage.

The Importance of Self Healing

Self healing is the ability to overcome emotional wounds and negative thoughts. This is important for our mental health as well as physical.Nine experts and six older adults were interviewed for this study. Themes that emerged from their transcripts included physiology, psychology, and interpersonal relations.Autonomic self-healing materials are those that can operate without any external stimuli. They most closely resemble biological systems in that they respond to damage by delivering healing agents to compromised regions.1. Sensitivity to small thingsBeing highly sensitive can make you overreact to little things that would otherwise go unnoticed by others. This can be frustrating and

Spiritual Energy – The Lifeforce That Keeps Us Alive

Spiritual energy is a force that resides within us and flows around our bodies. It is the lifeforce that keeps us alive and connected to our soul consciousness and The Source. Just like gravity, it is invisible but very real. In fact, every living thing possesses spiritual energy. Here’s how you can increase your spiritual energy levels. 1. Connect with your Higher SelfThe journey toward spiritual growth and self-awareness starts with connecting to your Divine Self, which is the energy of pure Light. This energy illuminates your path forward and helps you to overcome negative beliefs and patterns that are

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are distilled from plant roots, bark, stems, leaves, flowers or fruit. It can take up to several pounds of plant material to produce one bottle. Oils contain aromatic compounds that are absorbed through the nose and skin. Some (esters) relax, balance, soothe and promote sleep; phenols have anti-fungal properties; and sesquiterpenes have expectorant and antiviral properties. AromatherapyEssential oils have been getting a lot of buzz for their potential health benefits. But you should always use caution and follow directions when applying these concentrated plant-based oils. For example, if you apply essential oil directly to your skin, you should

What is Wellness Consciousness?

Wellness consciousness is more than just eating right and hitting the gym. It’s a holistic integration of the body, mind, and spirit. It involves eliminating risk factors that can negatively affect health (smoking, junk food, unprotected sex, etc) and developing good habits that lead to optimal health.This study investigates the influencing mechanism of wellness consciousness on home-based exercise during COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing mediation analysis. Results showed that health life goal and perceived behavioral control play an indirect role in the relationship between health consciousness and home-based exercise.Increased awarenessA wellness-conscious mindset teaches you to be mindful of the world around

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to help promote healing and improve a person’s mood. These oils are extracted from the roots, seeds, leaves, or blossoms of plants and are highly concentrated. They can be inhaled or applied to the skin.Avoid fragrance oils, which are often made from essential oil combined with chemicals. When shopping for essential oils, look for a label that lists the ingredients.It is a form of alternative medicineAromatherapy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that uses extracts from plants to improve mood or health. It is based on the theory that different scents stimulate certain parts

Self Healing – Taking Care of Yourself

Healing from trauma requires time. It takes practice to get comfortable with sitting with a range of emotions and letting them pass. Avoidance is a normal part of the process, but over time avoidance can prolong stress and prevent healing. Be patient and prioritize self care. Older adults in our study identified four main themes related to self healing. They emphasized the importance of physiology (exercise, healthy eating and sleeping habits) as well as psychology and interpersonal relations. 1. ExerciseExercise is one of the best things you can do to heal your body. It helps your heart, strengthens your lungs

Using Spiritual Energy to Empower Yourself

Spiritual Energy is an invisible force that permeates all aspects of existence and connects individuals to something bigger than themselves. Just like the concept of gravity, spiritual energy is a non-physical entity that influences the physical world in profound ways. Meditation, prayer, and spending time in nature are all practices that help cultivate spiritual energy. Auras are also seen as a sign of spiritual energy, and they have been depicted in art and literature for centuries. Higher Self-EnergyConnecting with your Higher Self is a powerful way to access spiritual energy and receive guidance. It can help you navigate your life

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated hydrophobic liquids that contain volatile aromatic chemical compounds from plants. They are also known as ethereal oils, volatile aromatic extracts or simply oil of the plant. They're getting a lot of buzz for their ability to treat everything from pain to sleep problems. But before you start slathering them on your skin, read up to learn how to use them safely. AromatherapyEssential oils can be inhaled or diluted and applied to the skin. They can be used for many reasons, such as to stimulate the sense of smell, enhance mood and support physical health. Some