Using Spiritual Energy to Empower Yourself

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy is an invisible force that permeates all aspects of existence and connects individuals to something bigger than themselves. Just like the concept of gravity, spiritual energy is a non-physical entity that influences the physical world in profound ways.

Meditation, prayer, and spending time in nature are all practices that help cultivate spiritual energy. Auras are also seen as a sign of spiritual energy, and they have been depicted in art and literature for centuries.

Higher Self-Energy

Connecting with your Higher Self is a powerful way to access spiritual energy and receive guidance. It can help you navigate your life more easily and overcome fears. However, it can be challenging to distinguish between what is coming from your Higher Self and what is just your ego. This is why it’s important to rid yourself of any distractions and be fully present when connecting with your Higher Self.

The most common method of connecting with your higher self is through meditation. You can also try doing activities that bring you joy and allow your creative side to flow. The voice of your Higher Self is gentle and loving, and it will only guide you in the right direction.

If you are able to let go of your insistences and ego, you will find yourself opening up to receiving more guidance from your Higher Self. You may even start experiencing synchronicities in your everyday life.


Mindfulness is a powerful tool for keeping you in touch with your spiritual energy levels. Often, people who have high energy levels experience a spiritual awakening that causes them to view the world with new eyes. They begin to see the interconnectedness and oneness of all things. They also have a palpable sense of goodness that goes beyond just a warm and fuzzy aura.

This spiritual energy system is a delicate force field that encircles your body and moves throughout it in an ongoing exchange of energy with everyone and everything you encounter. This energy is what allows you to sense a tense atmosphere or sense danger and it is why you feel drained by someone who drains your spirit.

The fourth spiritual quality is concentration which arises naturally from the effort to be mindful. The more continuous mindfulness becomes, the stronger and more focused it is, leading to the stillness of concentration that is akin to understanding the truth of the Dharma.

Overcoming Fears

Often, fear is triggered by something that feels out of your control. It may be a storm, the dentist’s chair, or losing someone you love. You can use the energy of spirituality to overcome these fears and empower yourself.

First, try to feel your own power. Stand in a pose that increases your sense of strength, roar or howl (if you have the courage), write down empowering words and affirmations. You can also practice non-attachment by giving all your possessions back to God every night before you go to sleep. This will give you greater peace and reduce your vulnerability.

Then you can start to face your fear by gradually exposing yourself to it. You can do this by writing down the pros and cons of confronting your fear. It’s also helpful to break down the fear itself and what it’s telling you. If you can get a grip on the negative thought, you can learn to reframe it.


Unshakeable self-belief is a powerful driving force that can overcome obstacles and push you towards remarkable success. It can give you the courage to step out of your comfort zone and pursue your goals. It also gives you the resilience to deal with failures and setbacks that may come your way.

To build your confidence and boost self-belief, practice visualization and affirmations daily. Focus on your achievements, big or small. Seek out a supportive community and surround yourself with people who believe in you. Make a point to celebrate each small win and use them as motivation to keep going.

Lastly, be flexible in your thinking and view failures as learning opportunities. Remember that where there’s a will, there’s always a way. The more you push yourself, the more resilient you become. Your growing self-efficacy and mental toughness will lead to better outcomes, as you learn from your mistakes and move on. This growth mindset opens your mind to possibilities and opens you up to lucky breaks and chance encounters.