Essential Oils For Health and Fragrance

Essential oils are distilled from different parts of plants and can be used for both scent and health benefits. Some are calming, like Lavender and Roman Chamomile; others, such as Grapefruit and Lemon, can be energizing.Most oils are never applied directly to the skin, and they should always be diluted with a carrier oil. Look for a label that includes the botanical name and batch number, along with a GC/MS (purity) report.What are Essential Oils?Essential oils are liquid extracts from a variety of potentially beneficial plants. They're often used in natural and alternative health practices such as aromatherapy and naturopathy

Wellness Consciousness

Wellness consciousness is a new concept that focuses on how people think about and act toward their health. It encompasses a holistic approach to well-being that includes fueling the body, engaging the mind and nurturing the spirit.Previous research on health consciousness has found that it predicts a variety of health attitudes and behaviors (e.g., Furnham and Forey, 1994; Gould, 1988; 1990; Iversen and Kraft, 2006). Mediation analyses using structural equation models showed that a negative relation between emotional intelligence and unhealthy behaviors is explained by increments in health consciousness.PhysicalPhysical wellness focuses on maintaining a healthy body and avoiding behaviors that

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy uses scented oils for psychological and physical well-being. Lavender oil, for example, is calming and promotes sleep, while rosemary, fennel or peppermint oil may relieve headaches.Inhaling essential oils through a diffuser or applying them to the skin are popular ways to use them. Because they are strong, they should always be diluted before inhaling or using them on your body.OriginsThe practice of aromatherapy is based on the use of volatile plant oils (essential oils) for therapeutic, spiritual and hygienic purposes. Its use dates back to ancient civilizations including the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.It was Hippocrates who recommended

What is Self Healing?

Self healing is a natural process that your body can use to heal itself. There are several ways to do this, including meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and guided imagery. Self-healing involves promoting mechanisms to return the whole person to their innate equilibrium, and can help relieve pain induced by various triggers. The self-healing concept is potentially optimized by multimodal integrative medicine strategies. Get Enough NutrientsThe body needs lots of energy to heal itself, and calories are the fuel. You need to keep your calorie count up while you're healing, so filling up on healthy foods is crucial. Krishnan recommends following

Spiritual Energy – The Force That Makes You Feel at One With the Universe

Spiritual Energy is a force that makes you feel at one with the universe. It’s something that you can develop through meditation, mindfulness and other spiritual practices.Also known as Chi, Ki or Qi energy, it’s the life-force that runs through the body in a network of pathways called meridians.1. It Awakens YouSpiritual energy gives you a sense of peace, happiness, integrity and purpose in your life. But let’s get one thing straight – you don’t need to be religious to have spiritual energy.People who have high levels of spiritual energy are optimistic and courageous in tough situations. They’re also able

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are a concentrated liquid that contains the natural chemicals that give plants their scent and flavor. They can be used for many purposes, including adding a delightful aroma to your home and treating various health conditions. However, you must be sure to follow the safety instructions and do a skin patch test before using these oils. Some are very strong, and can cause a skin reaction. AromatherapyAromatherapy uses essential oils to positively influence a person’s health and well-being. Oils can be inhaled through the olfactory nerves, applied topically to the skin or ingested by mouth (in diluted form,

Wellness Consciousness

Wellness is an important aspect of a person’s life. It includes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It requires an integrated approach that incorporates all dimensions. Previous studies have shown that health consciousness predicts a variety of related attitudes and behaviors. However, measuring actual specific behaviors such as avoiding high-sodium foods is less valid and reliable than measuring an individual’s psychological state regarding their own health. Self-awarenessSelf-awareness is a necessary part of wellness consciousness, as it helps people recognize and deal with their mental health triggers. It also helps them find coping mechanisms to avoid them in the future. Being self-aware

How Aromatherapy Can Improve Your Mood and Health

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to improve psychological and physical well-being. Essential oils are concentrated extracts from flower, tree, and herb parts like seeds, leaves, buds, bark, roots, rinds, and petals. This review included 12 studies of aromatherapy for pain management using a visual analog scale (VAS). There was a small but statistically significant reduction in VAS pain. What are essential oils?With 9 million posts on Instagram under the hashtag #essentialoils, there’s no denying that these potent plant extracts are in the zeitgeist. But what are essential oils, how do you use them, and can they really improve your mood and

How to Achieve Self Healing

Self healing can be achieved in many ways. These include activities such as meditating, breathing techniques and even simple affirmations. A simple way to relieve stress is by tensing and relaxing the muscles of your face, then the rest of your body. This technique is called progressive muscle relaxation. It also helps reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. Emotional WoundsAs the name suggests, emotional wounds are caused by negative experiences that cause pain on a psychological level. These can range from traumatic events to difficult relationships with loved ones. They often have their roots in childhood and can cause

What is Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual Energy is the energy that connects you to your higher self, humanity and nature. It fuels the other energy pillars and guides your thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions. Those with high levels of spiritual energy are more likely to turn to a higher power for support during difficult times. Studies also show that they are less stressed and more resilient. MeditationSpiritual energy is a force that connects you to the universe and allows you to become one with it. It’s the energy that keeps you plugged into everything around you, from the sun and your surroundings to the people