The Energy of Balanced Relationship

There’s no denying that our world is changing rapidly. And though at times it may seem otherwise – we do have the power to effect these changes profoundly. Combining our individual energies, collectively and consciously we can shape the changes into what we wish our world to become. Creating balanced relationship with others, our environment and within our own psyches and lives is a key element here.

Recently, VeroniKA posted the following excerpt from Celia Fenn - The Hathors, on her Ringing Cedars Blog. I have no idea where she sourced it from but - thank you VeroniKA.

As you read this excerpt, for the moment set aside your ideas and pre-conceived notions about “channeled energies or messages.” There is deep wisdom contained in this message.

Regardless of the source, there is a beauty in Truth that speaks for itself. This healing vision is one worth holding up to the light for consideration. I for one, choose to flow my own personal energies toward manifesting this heart-based paradigm as a new reality. How about you?

In a balanced individual, there is a balanced flow between being and doing, active and passive, masculine and feminine. And this inner balance is reflected in the outer or external world in the creation of relationships between beings who are equally balanced in themselves and so can create and maintain relationships that are balanced and loving.

A balanced relationship being one where neither partner dominates the other, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and or sexually.

New Earth relationships will be so different to the relationships you now have. They will be gentler and more playful and yet wise. There will be less intensity and drama, and more caring, nurturing and companionship. You will come to realize that the purpose of relationship, all relationship, is to "relate" - to share and to support and to nurture from your own sense of abundance and completeness.

You will look for relationships that are spiritual and heart-based, rather then physical and emotional. In the Old Earth relationship paradigm, relationships were based on physical attraction and emotional bonding. In the New Earth, your relationships will be based in the heart, in feelings, compassion, connection and mutual respect and support. We foresee many relationships growing between people of different age groups and different cultures, relationships that will be deep and meaningful, and yet would not have seemed possible before because of the narrow limitations of what you considered a relationship to be in your Old Earth energy framework.

These relationships will be light and joyous, and yet capable of real depth and intimacy because the people concerned will be more interested in the connections of the soul rather than the connections of the external and the physical realms.

There will be sharing and caring, and yet both partners will be independent and self-reliant within themselves. There can be no co-dependency in the New Earth. Balance is so important. These relationships will be balanced and loving, between two equally powerful and caring persons. There will be no dominance, no victims, no dramas and no abuse.

There will be commitment - commitment to the relationship and the mutual growth of each of the partners within the relationship. And this will be true for all relationships, not just love or romantic relationships. Friendships will become deeper and more meaningful experiences, as you understand that you have soul families, and that your friends often are close soul relations who are here to love and support you in your work on the planet. And when your relationships exist in this loving and balanced state, then your sexuality will also be loving and balanced. And, once again humans will learn to celebrate and enjoy their creative and sexual energies in ways that are life-enhancing and ecstatic.

September 10, 2009

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