Repost of Healing Effects of Cinnamon and Raw Honey

by Valory

This is a repost of the original Healing Effects of Cinnamon and Raw Honey post by Tim J. along with accompanying comments from everyone dating back to 2013. If I recall, this submission was originally posted back in 2009 or 2010. Not sure what happened to the pre-2013 posts. May have lost them when I took the original post down. I apologize for the loss of that info. While I was traveling, there was a rash of spamming comments that occurred to the original post and frankly I was not in the mood to sort through them all and edit out the mess they'd made of it. Instead, I took the whole post down. But then I reconsidered the matter recently when I was updating this site to the new design. Since so many people have found this info useful over the years, well, here it is again. Hopefully the spammers will give me a bit of a break before resuming their barrage. :)

Healing Effects of Cinnamon and Raw Honey

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