The Gulf Oil Gusher

Mother Earth is Bleeding Out - Anyone Have a Band-aid?

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The April 20th explosion of Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and resulting Gulf Oil Gusher that’s releasing millions of gallons (I've seen estimates that range from 5000 to 3.4 million gallons per day) of crude oil each day into the ecosystem is a disaster of epic proportions.

Scientists studying video of the gushing oil well have tentatively calculated that it could be flowing at a rate of 25,000 to 80,000 barrels of oil a day. The latter figure would be 3.4 million gallons a day...The plumes are depleting the oxygen dissolved in the gulf, worrying scientists, who fear that the oxygen level could eventually fall so low as to kill off much of the sea life near the plumes.

- Giant Plumes of Oil Forming Under the Gulf

Not only will we have to face the consequences of our carelessness and greed for the rest of our lives, but our children’s children’s lives will be affected as well.

Sea of Blood

A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died...- Revelation 8:8

It’s not my habit to quote revelatory scripture. Knowing that everything is filtered through an individual’s lens of perception and interpreted accordingly, I generally place it squarely in the ten-foot-pole department and seldom touch it. However, this one is staring us in the face folks!

It has recently been discovered that crude oil is not a fossil fuel as we once believed. Apparently, it is a renewable substance that is continually created via processes deep within the earth. Even as we have been draining the oilfields to feed our insatiable gluttony for more and more energy, our Mother Earth has worked to replenish her supplies of this fluid within her body.

Nature is efficient. Everything in nature has a purpose - whether we have discovered that purpose or not. So the fact that crude oil is a living substance actively being created now rather than a dead product of an ancient past tells me it plays a useful role in the vital processes of the earth. For all we know, it functions metaphorically, as the “blood of the earth.” Crude oil is red in color. Viewing pictures of the Gulf Oil Gusher spewing massive amounts of this fluid reminds me of a giant artery opened – the lifeblood spewing out under the pressure of a pumping heart.

Original and replacement videos have both since been removed from YouTube :-(

Most of us react to this catastrophe with anger, with sorrow, even despair. It’s easy to fall into overwhelm from the magnitude of what we – collectively – have done to our Mother Earth and by extension (extinction) every living being who resides here with us. We stare in horrified shock at the film footage of this epic disaster; feeling powerless to do anything about it. And perhaps, physically there is little or nothing we can do individually to stem the flow.

However, we are not primarily physical beings. That’s just the illusion we all play with here. We are energetic beings. When we remember this fact we also remember that hanging out in the energetic fields of the lower emotions of greed, sloth and apathy is what created this waking nightmare of the Gulf Oil Gusher. So, to now continue playing in these lower levels by indulging in the blame game, swamped in fear, anger and despair does nothing to heal the wound we’ve inflicted.

We simply don’t have the luxury of taking the low road at this time.

Thrashing about in the throes of seemingly impotent rage, pointing the Blame Finger, we search for someone to hang. Focusing our attention on discerning who is responsible for this unconscionable destruction so they can be held accountable dissipates our collective energies at a time when we need laser focus. Yes, lot’s of scurrying about and gnashing of teeth gives the appearance of doing something.

But chest-beating and posturing doesn’t stop the millions of gallons of crude oil that’s gushing from the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico every day. Mother Earth is bleeding out while we’re trying to decide who’s held accountable for opening her artery. That’s not helping. It’s simply diverting our energies rendering us ineffectual. Besides, we ALL are responsible on some level – and we’ll all pay the price. The specifics of who, how, what, when and why will reveal themselves in time.

We are so good at pretending powerlessness aren’t we? After all, here we are trying to put Band-aids on a ruptured artery (the Top Hat and Hot Top). And apparently, one gusher spewing into the Gulf is not enough destruction – we’re in the process of drilling a couple more pipelines in efforts to “relieve the pressure” on the first one.

When all else fails, we’ll just nuke the Gulf seabed. Yes, there’s talk of setting off a thermonuclear bomb which they speculate could plug the wellhead with enough debris to effectively stem the flow.

Never mind the resulting radioactive sludge left in the aftermath of this act of lunacy, even should it be judged “successful.” There is a possibility the bomb could rupture the geologic substrate opening a fissure large enough to make the Gulf Oil Geyser seem like a paper cut.

Folks, as much as this is playing like a B-rated disaster moving on the Saturday afternoon SyFy channel – IT’S NOT! We can’t “fix” this mess with band-aids or bombs. We can’t fix this at all as long as we continue viewing it from the same perspective that created it.

The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them

- Albert Einstein

Mother Earth is bleeding out and we want to slap a patch on her, open another artery or blow her up. Are these the only choices being considered? Seriously?

And Now For Something Completely Different

Let’s approach this challenge from a different perspective. Physically, we may indeed find ourselves ineffectual at best in this particular situation. But energetically, we are incredibly powerful. What can we do? We can first accept responsibility for our collective actions. Then we ask Earth and ourselves for forgiveness – and grant it.

All true healing begins with these first two acts – accept responsibility and forgive the transgression. However, I’m not talking about paying lip-service here; about speaking the words “I accept responsibility and forgive us our sins,” or something to that affect. We must energetically connect with our deepest selves, with one another, with our Mother Earth and with Source (think of the level of connection illustrated by the Navi with their world in the movie Avatar) and feel our way though this process. Intention may direct the process – feeling energizes (fuels) it.

On this deep level of connection and communication, (CommUnity) we read the story of how we arrived at this turning point in history; without judgment, we view the events and actions that led us to where we are now; gain understanding as we learn from our mistakes by recognizing the lower energies of arrogance, greed, etc that led to them.

It’s from this place of clarity, wisdom and humility that we ask/grant forgiveness. Doing this releases from within us the collective blocked energy surrounding this event. Clarity, like a parting of the clouds before the rays of sunlight, reveals new perspectives, new insights, and new answers to this challenge. Either we will discern the perfect resolution and be given the physical means to rectify our mistake – or Earth will resolve it herself as she sees fit.

What do I mean my ‘resolve it herself’? Well, for example, the earth could solve this dilemma almost in the blink of an eye with the equivalent of a shoulder shrug. A shift of the substrate would block the flow of crude oil – what we call an earthquake.

The point to remember here is that we can’t “fix” this problem we’ve created alone, in large part because until now, we have been the problem. What we can do is co-create a solution. We do this by releasing our guilt, adopting humility and opening to inspiration – then be willing to do with gratitude and love whatever we are given to do as our part of the required solution.

In his book, Secrets of The Lost Mode of Prayer, Gregg Braden details a form of Blessing Prayer you can use as a template for this process I’ve just outlined. It’s a quick read that explains the reasons for the powerful effects achieved through active or blessing prayer. It also tells you how to construct your own prayers. You can pray alone, adding your energy to the collective consciousness directed to this end. However, praying in groups of two or more enhances the energetic effects exponentially.

This is a new type of event, and it’s critically important that we really understand it, because of the incredible number of oil platforms not only in the Gulf of Mexico but all over the world now, Dr. Highsmith said. We need to know what these events are like, and what their outcomes can be, and what can be done to deal with the next one.

- Giant Plumes of Oil Forming Under the Gulf

My personal intention is that there never ever, ever is a “next one.” I mentioned it earlier but it deserves mentioning again – The story of The Gulf Oil Gusher will be remembered as the turning point in history; when our eyes opened, our hearts shattered and mankind finally took that first step on the road to redemption.

This video demonstrates how hay products can be used to remove oil from water.

This audio/video mentions that a scientist has a substance that will coagulate oil and turn it into a non-toxic organic biological substance; that this substance has been proven effective in Venezuela. The scientist wants to donate over 100 million gallons of the substance towards the clean-up but apparently customs won’t allow it into the country. There is a junction preventing its entry.

Once again YouTube has removed the video :-)

Though neither of these solutions address how to stop further oil from being released into the the ecosystem, it's at least a beginning. has a collection of articles pertaining to the Gulf Oil Gusher.

Oil Disaster in the Gulf and What We Can Do About It - Cynthia has a great discussion going over at Humanity Healing Network where several members are regularly posting pertinent news articles and videos related to the Gulf Oil Gusher (oil volcano)

This original article was posted on May 17th. I've since felt compelled to post a (very) few of the innumerable articles and videos I've run across in the interim that expand on the message presented here.

UPDATE 5/25/10

Waterworld' Solution to Gulf Oil Slick? - Actor Kevin Costner finances device to separate oil from water Fri May 21 (Link no longer viable)

Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup idea interests BP - Film star Kevin Costner and his scientist brother are promoting a new technology they say could separate oil from water as part of the effort to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. BP officials agree to test the system.

America's Response to the Cataclysmic Gulf Oil Catastrophe Is Pathetic -- Where's the Outrage? - A calamity is unfolding before our eyes -- the greatest oil spill in history -- and America's response is little more than a big yawn. May 24, 2010

UPDATE 5/29/10

This video focuses on the zero toxicity solution of using special microbes that consume the oil and then biodegrade back into the environment. This solution has been tested and proven effective and is available NOW for use. Why is it not being utilized?

UPDATE 6/1/10

Excerpt from a blog post by Nichespur on Humanity Healing dated May 30th. Click on the link below excerpt and scroll down the page a bit to read full post.

Ergo, I’d recommend everybody read Valory’s EXCELLENT article on the problem like I just did. (pure Applause Ms. Valory for your excellent insights!)

And then lets focus all of our intentions on solving the first problem first, which is we must get the leak sealed (with out nuclear bombs! Jeez why do we always resort to that thought to solve our problems lol) before clean up can really begin. then send the bit more obscure healing waves to the environment at large with all the love and hope we can manifest for our every living entity in the area… including mother earth herself of course.

SO THINK SEAL THAT HOLE . And remember it doesn’t collapse by itself because we (the drilling companies) line the entire hole with a steel casing while drilling it. That casing is a straw that must be crushed or even severed in the underlying substrata. A ring of focus charges around the hole might be enough for mankind to do this themselves, but it still takes time to drill those hole too and as Valory Mentions in her article, might also fracture the substrata and cause a greater problem in the end. But a small earth quake with only a minor lateral shift could crush the “straw” (don’t think pipe that’s hard).

So lets all try focusing on the hole at that specific spot, (especially June 5th unity focus day) and ask Mother earth to simple shift a tiny bit right there to crush that straw even through there are presently no earthquake faults in the area. I suspect success will serve two purposes: 1 fix the root of the present problem, and 2 prove to everyone in the world that WE can do this- WITH THE GODDESSES help of course, if we really start thinking together, with truly focused positive intent and purpose.

For those who have Google earth on their computers, I have attached a Google Earth KMZ file to direct you to the exact spot to focus on.

Read full blog post here

UPDATE 6/17/10

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico - Pause for a few moments each day to breath deeply, center in your heart and send love and gratitude to the Gulf waters and all life therein.

Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America - An article posted May 24th in The European Union Times

Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong for Containment - This article mentions “Then the floor will fall into the now vacant chamber. This is how nature will seal the hole.”

However, in Clif High's Shape of Things to Come report published May 25th, he mentions that the linguistics data supports an earthquake ultimately sealing the hole 19 months after the onset date of April 20th. UPDATE: The June 21st report continues to point toward this timeline. You can find these reports and information on how they are compiled at Clif's website Half Past Human.

Kevin Costner blasts Big Oil 'Bureaucratic Maze' - Kevin Costner testified in a Senate hearing Thursday about the trials and tribulations of putting his machines to work on the BP oil spill.

The Zeitgeist Movement Response to Gulf Oil Spill

“The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” ~ Albert Einstein.

Begin thinking, feeling and acting in ways you never have before.

Join with others in prayer and meditation on June 23rd

Americans to Join Hands in Largest Gathering Against Offshore Oil Drilling in History

...On Saturday, June 26, the nation will join hands on beaches and in parks and cities all across America, united against the dangers offshore oil drilling present to our oceans and marine wildlife, fishing industries and coastal economies, in Hands Across The Sand.

Planetary Wake Up Call

UPDATE July 2010

Although the Macondo well head was officially capped as of July 15th, 2010, for most unfortunately, the story of the Gulf Oil Gusher is very far from over. Many many reports of a building, ongoing health crisis in the Gulf coast population continue to surface. In response, I've written an article that addresses ways in which self-reliant healers can care for ourselves and others affected by the extreme toxic environment created in this region of our country.

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