How to Use Spiritual Energy to Heal Yourself and Others

Spiritual energy is a force that surrounds and flows within our body. This is the energy that allows you to feel and sense everything and everyone around you.

When we spend this energy on our values and commitments to something bigger than ourselves it helps us tap into our energetic best self. We can renew this energy through practices that promote mindfulness and meditation.

Connecting with your Higher Self

Whether you are looking to enhance your spiritual life, gain greater clarity or live more purposefully, connecting with your Higher Self is an essential first step. It allows you to receive guidance that is unaffected by your ego and personal biases, and is always for the highest good of all concerned.

Your Higher Self is the non-physical aspect of you (some call it your soul or spirit). It excites with inspiration, guides with intuition, and teaches with insight. The key to tapping into this divine energy is lessening or stopping your overthinking, and cultivating deep listening. Once you can hear your Higher Self, the communication is easy. It is like a conversation with a friend. You will feel a sense of expansion or tingling in your body, and the answers to your questions will come naturally.


Meditation is a practice that can help you feel calm and focused, which in turn can improve your overall health. It can be done in many ways, such as sitting still and focusing on your breath or repeating a word over and over (called mantra meditation).

Some forms of meditation also involve visualizing peaceful scenes or images and sending well wishes to loved ones and all living beings. Others focus on body-centered sensations, like the feeling of your feet touching the ground or kneading bread dough.

Whatever form of meditation you choose, it’s important to have an anchor that you can return to if your mind wanders. Some people use the sound of a ticking clock, breathing in and out to the rhythm of the beat, or the physical sensation of their breath on their face.


Spiritual energy can be used to visualise your goals and dreams. This is known as ‘positive visualization’. It is a powerful tool that can help you achieve what you want in life, whether it be nailing a big presentation or winning the pickleball tournament.

When you use positive visualization, you train your subconscious mind to believe that what you are seeing will happen. It works much like the law of gravity – what you think about, you create.

You can use your spiritual energy to visualise a healing exchange between you and Mother Earth. In your visualisation, imagine your negative and positive energy leaking down through the roots of your feet into Mother Earth. She then recirculates this energy around your entire energy system, cleansing, energising and restoring you.

Developing your intuition

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have a natural sense of intuition? Perhaps you have walked into an office and felt someone stare at you or received the phone call that was meant for you. This is your spiritual energy at work.

Just like any muscle, intuition needs to be exercised regularly to be strengthened. Practicing breathwork, grounding and meditation in a consistent routine can help you develop your intuitive skills.

You can also experiment with different ways to tap into your intuition. For example, journaling or free-form sketching may be beneficial to you. The key is finding what works for you, and to be patient with the process. Your intuition will always try to communicate with you but it can be easier for you to hear its message if you are quiet and focused.


Spiritual energy fuels the other pillars of healing: the physical, emotional and mental. You can use it to heal yourself and others through prayer, meditation, crystals, and self-care practices that support values such as health, wisdom, service, and joy.

Your spiritual energy is a three dimensional force field of electromagnetic energy that flows inside and around your body. This is what allows you to sense, feel and intuit everything and everyone around you. It’s also what gets drained by toxic people and relationships.

You can heal others by placing your hands on them or over them and sending them a steady flow of healing energy. Some people like to use symbols with specific intentions defined by them, or they might simply ask for healing to take place.