Essential Oil Research, Clinical Study Results and Findings

A collection of selected files and links to articles relating to essential oil research, clinical study results and supporting evidence of the effects of essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oils hosts an annual convention during which a lot of valuable information is presented detailing current essential oil research, uses and applications. Dr. Gary Young also gives lectures at various international health expos as well. Many of these lectures and convention presentations have been transcribed and several are posted here for your benefit in PDF format. They are a valuable resource containing a wealth of knowledge.

Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture Transcript is not dated, however, it appears to be one of his earlier lectures.

Energy Fields, Essential Oils, and You Dr. Sabina DeVita at 2003 Young Living Annual Convention

Toxic Cell Reduction & DNA Repair Dr. Jaime Matta & Gary Young, N.D. at 2003 Young Living Convention

The Coming Wrath of Our Chemical Environment 2004 Toronto Whole Health Expo

Nutrition and Your Health” Anti-Inflammation Properties of Essential Oils 2005 Young Living Annual Convention.

Yesterday’s Wisdom, Tomorrow’s Destiny” and the Science of Frankincense 2005 Young Living Annual Convention

The Most Amazing Results of Clinical and University Research on Essential Oils 2005 Total Health Expo

Human Electrical Frequencies and Fields Article by D. Gary Young (Note:In this article, the use of Hz is in error and should be replaced with Mhz. Reference explanation by David Stewart Ph.D., D.N.M. author of The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple and Healing Oils of The Bible at this website: )

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