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Ana Rose Botanicals uses only 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and blends designed to

  • affect your health and well-being
  • support personal transformation
  • help you navigate life's challenges
    with more grace
    and ease

When using essential oils to affect changes in your physical and subtle energy bodies, it's important to only use oils that are ‘Therapeutic Grade.’ To do otherwise, will at best be ineffectual and at worse, could cause harm. Please read Quality and How to Choose Effective Essential Oils for further education on this most important point.

Essential oils are both biochemical and bioenergetic entities. As such, they exert a strong influence upon the psycho-spiritual plane as well as providing benefit on a physical level. Their chemical properties can be used to affect the biophysical plane, while bioenergetic properties can directly interact on the subtle energy plane with human bioenergy.

Plants are alive, and everything that lives has a soul. The essential oil is the carrier of the soul of the plant. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophical medicine, notes: “Matter is most spiritual in the perfume of the plant…When the spirit most closely approaches the physical earth, then we have the perception of fragrance.” An essential oil, the bonding medium for the soul of the plant, is uniquely suited to act as the physical entity that can facilitate an interface between plant and human souls. ~ Dr. Bruce Berkowsky

High-quality, therapeutic grade essential oils better retain the integrity of their bioenergetic, or soul, signatures. Their high vibrational frequency achieves resonance with the dynamic, or subtle energy body of a living organism allowing for their ability to affect our deeper emotions, and psycho-spiritual energy patterns.

Soul-Level Healing

The biochemistry of essential oils can be quite effective when used knowledgeably in their biophysical capacity. However, the versatile and holistic nature of the oils can actually help us work through many of our personal life challenges as well. Let me ask you...

  • Do you achieve the goals you set for yourself?
  • Are your thoughts, words, feelings and actions
    aligned with your values?
  • What are your core personal values?
  • Do you live your passion?
  • What may be possible connections between health
    issues and your answers to these questions?

Each of us holds a unique physical and psycho-spiritual energetic pattern, or signature imprinted on our souls. If this pattern carries or develops an aspect of some imbalance to it, what may be referred to as the “idea” of a dis-ease or dis-function emanates from it, eventually manifesting in the mental-emotional and/or physical bodies.

However, by using conscious, focused intent while working with the oils (and especially, during the process of combining single oils into an individualized oil blend), one can facilitate an alliance between the human soul and the soul of the plants from which the oils derive. (see Our BioSpiritual Allies).

Of course, every type of essential oil has its own unique soul signature as well. Accordingly, some oils have a closer affinity with specific conditions of the human soul than others. An in-depth knowledge base comes in handy when working on this level of healing.

I'm not currently offering my own blends for sale online. However, I'll soon be writing a series of articles giving blend recipes that address specific issues. Meanwhile, there're many books available at reasonable prices which do so as well.

I recommend a couple of companies for purchasing good quality essential oils. The first is Mountain Rose Herbs. This company is well-known for its high-quality, therapeutic grade single essential oils. The company website lists the source country of origin for each oil they sell and upon request, will send you the Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) test results of the specific oil batch lot you purchase.

Besides the essential oils, I will sometimes source my bulk herbs and herb seeds from here if I don't grow them myself. Everything about this company - from their company vision, top-quality product line at very reasonable prices, to their customer service and community service - all radiate integrity.They also donate generously to their chosen causes which is a key point for me personally. 

Another company with a good reputation for high-quality essential oils is Eden Botanicals which is mainly a bulk wholesale distributor but will also sell retail.

If you're an Amazon shopper, be very careful of the average essential oil offering you find there. Most of the essential oils I found offered are of very poor quality. One pleasant exception to the rule would be essential oils offered by Plant Therapy. The range of oils available from this company is comparable to the first two companies I mentioned, the quality is very good, the company is ethical, the testing standards are rigorous and the prices are surprisingly reasonable especially considering the high quality. Then, you've got the added ease of shopping through the Amazon Market Place

Or simply visiting Plant Therapy website directly as not all of their products are found on Amazon.

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