The BioSpiritual Energy Healing Paradigm

BioSpiritual Energy Healing is an integrative approach to healing ourselves and our communities. This healing model unites science and Spirit with intention promoting a paradigm of self-healing and wellness consciousness. You'll find here a wealth of information empowering the creation of health for your self and loved ones.

There are many effective healing methods you can use as an alternative or complement to the allopathic paradigm used in mainstream medicine. Scientific studies and new discoveries continue to validate the underlying precepts of time-tested technologies that use:

  • Essential oils and aromatherapy
  • Homeopathic and other subtle energy healing methods
  • The healing properties of water
  • The healing energy of sunlight and color
  • Sound vibration and prayer to heal
  • Living, raw whole foods and herbs to heal and counteract dis-ease

Here you'll find health and wellness articles based on scientific research and clinical studies that are not widely circulated through mainstream media channels. Empowering resources help you develop a broader knowledge base for making better informed decisions about your health and well-being.

BioSpiritual Energy Healing and The Holism of Soul Connections

The expanded context of BioSpiritual Energy Healing recognizes that every aspect of our lives is interrelated. Each contributes to a state of wellness, or affects dys-function or dis-ease in some form - everything is about relationship. Consider this:

  • Most of us recognize that the foods we eat can affect our health for better or worse. However, the manner in which these foods arrive in our kitchens, how they are prepared and consumed and our overall energetic relationship with the foods we eat can have their effects as well.

  • Money is a form of energy and many of us have unhealthy, dys-functional relationships with how we perceive money, how we obtain and how we manage money. How we manage the energetic relationship we have with money can profoundly affect our physical well-being.

  • The authenticity of relationships we have with ourselves, friends and family, to our work, the broader community and environment all contribute to our well-being. How might dys-functional environmental conditions affect us energetically?

In a very real sense, wellness and well-being are multi-dimensional states of existence. The Integral LEAP section of this website explores personal energy management and the energetics of soul connections.

Begin a journey of self-knowledge and self-healing

This is actually knowledge of self and if we understand the old axiom, ”Knowledge is power“, then what we are really beginning to understand is the knowledge of self-power.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist and Author of The Biology of Belief

Perhaps you've heard that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Let's apply this notion to the creation of health in ourselves and our communities. Dr. Lipton tells us that contrary to “Darwin's theories emphasizing competition and struggle [which can be] summed up as 'survival of the fittest in the struggle for existence'... cooperation and community are actually the underlying principles of evolution.”

This website is an evolutionary work of Love created to honor this Spirit of cooperation and community. It's a space created for sharings of personal knowledge and experience with each other; offer insights on the BioSpiritual Paradigm of Healing - your own contributions are encouraged and welcome.

Let's co-create an evolving soul-based community of people who embody the intention of wellness for ourselves and all of humanity.

Please bookmark this page and check back often as this website is a work in progress with new articles continually being added. If you have empowering information you'd like to contribute, your submissions are encouraged.

Holistic Health and BioSpirituality
There are four energetic levels of healing. Each level has its own language and communication pathway. A BioSpiritual approach to holistic health care addresses all four levels.
Holograms and Entangled Realities
As holograms of the universe, our minds cooperate with it and with each other in co-creating our reality.
Universal Dreamtime - The Field of Dreams
The Aboriginals of Australia believe in a concept referred to as <em>Dreamtime.</em> In the infinite spiritual cycle of Dreamtime, creation is a natural universal process.
Alternative Energy Healing and Self-Responsibility
For too many of us, the medical status quo just doesn’t always work. Biospiritual healing uses alternative energy healing methods that create attitudes of self-empowerment and self-responsibility crit
The Creation of Health
Within every challenge lie the seeds of opportunity. The challenge we face as a population today provides the opportunity to create the changes we wish to see in our lives and our health.
The Metaphysics of BioSpiritual Healing
How does metaphysics relate to our biospiritual healing practice? Metaphysical theories and theologies go hand-and-hand with advancing reality theories and the physical sciences.
Family, Friends and Faith
Our social environment and soul connections are important determining factors of our health and wellness
Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to heal. Many ancient texts and records indicate they were used to treat virtually every ailment and condition known to mankind at the time.
Essential Oils - Our BioSpiritual Allies
As the ‘life force’ or essence of plants, essential oils are the physical expression of plant spirit. From a biospiritual perspective, they’re our healing allies.
Vibrational Frequency of Essential Oils
The subtle energy nature of essential oils is expressed as vibrational frequency.
The Effects of Essential Oils on Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit
The healing effects of essential oils can be subtle and profound. They can affect healing on all four realms of reality - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
What are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?
The key to effective Aromatherapy is to use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
Essential Oil Chemistry
The amazing complexity of essential oil chemistry prevents most microorganisms from adapting to their many compounds
Essential Oil Research, Clinical Study Results and Findings
Selected essential oil research, clinical study results and supporting evidence of the effects of essential oils.
Essential Oil Safety Precautions and General Guidelines
Following these general guidelines and precautions in your aromatherapy practice will help ensure essential oil safety and effectiveness
Ana Rose Botanicals
<em>Ana Rose Botanicals</em> uses essential oils to affect the subtle energy body, thereby affecting deeper emotions, the psyche and resulting bioenergetic patterns.
Homeopathic Medicine: Of Power, Politics and Alternatives
While conventional health care institutions in the U.S. resist promoting homeopathic medicine, 3/4 of the European population knows about homeopathy; 100 million Europeans use it in their health care
The Art of Homeopathy in Practice
Homeopathy works by shifting vital force. Vital force can become un-tuned by disease and lifestyle. The well-chosen homeopathic remedy can shift that paradigm, allowing for greater states of health.
Living Whole Raw Foods
Why eat living raw foods? A biospiritual approach to health and wellness recognizes both the bio-chemical physical elements of living foods and the non-physical or subtle life force contained within.
Raw Food Diets - Clinical Research Results
noted from a few of the studies done on the benefits of raw food diets.
Can A Raw Food Diet Reverse Diabetes?
A healthy diet plays a critical role in diabetes treatment. A raw food diet has the potential to slow and even reverse the course of the disease.
Raw Food Diet - What Can We Learn From Pottenger's Cats?
The Pottenger's cats study scientifically proves the degenerative effects a diet of cooked or bio-actively dead foods has on living organisms, whereas, a raw food diet maintains general good health.
Electromagnetic Pollution Fractures The Human Electrical Field
Invisible to the naked eye, electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, travel through empty space, through air and other substances. We are exposed to an array of harmful EMFs known as electromagnetic pollution
Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution and Its Biological Effects
Information about the harmful biological effects of electromagnetic frequency pollution (EMF) is finally beginning to get some mainstream media coverage.
The Integral LEAP
LEAP - Life Energy Alignment Practice plays with light-hearted experiments and ways of being. Gently we integrate and accept all of our parts becoming the aligned, authentic entirety of who we are.
Deeply Happy Authentic Life
Are you living your lifework? Or do you live your authentic life in the spaces between your work life? How to become deeply happy with your life.
Live Your Authentic Life Now
Live your authentic life aligned to personal values. Realize your personal freedom and more self-determination in challenging economic times - extremely empowering.
Funding Your Authentic Lifestyle
What does it take to support yourself as you live your passion? How are you going to fund your authentic lifestyle?
Living Outside the Box
Your authentic life organically unfolds when you begin thinking, working and living outside the box
The BioSpiritual Village
Cooperation and community are the underlying principles of evolution. Share your comments, knowledge and experience here at the Biospiritual Village.
BioSpiritual Healing Blog
The BioSpiritual Healing Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the web site.
Contact Valory AnaRose here.
Questions? Comments? Sharings?
Valory Rose Bio
A brief bio for Valory Rose with her current projects
BioSpiritual Healing Resources
Personal empowerment and self-responsibility are built upon the solid foundation blocks of knowledge and effective action. Here are some biospiritual healing resources for further self-help.
Biospirituality Resources, References and Recommended Reading
Sources for further self-help and education including biospirituality resources, article references and reading recommendations
Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Resources, References and Recommended Reading
Aromatherapy resources, references for essential oil articles and additional reading recommendations.
Living Foods Sources ~ Health and Wellness Resources
This page lists self-help and education health and wellness support and online whole, raw and Living Foods sources.
Integral LEAP Resources
Integral Life Energy Alignment Practice, or, LEAP resources to help you play with passion and on purpose.

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I was just going through your words of wisdom, I absolutely agree with you on all counts, I especially loved your poem, my sentiments exactly! It reminds me of my painting "EVOLVE" ...As we all reach for earth healing it is so important for us to share our inherent knowledge with one another within our communities.”
~ Jane Evershed

“As a scholar studying molecular biology down here in sunny South Africa I must say I find every resource on this site beneficial, so many of the thoughts I’ve had you have been able to put into words and teachings, wisdom of sorts, I wish you the best for the future. Peace and love to you and those around you.” ~ Sean

“Thank you for your Service to Humanity!!! You are an inspiration!” ~ Tammy Minnich

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