What is Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy is a force that flows through your body, connecting you with the universe. It is the source of love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, joy, empowerment and vitality.

When you have enough spiritual energy, you are more optimistic and courageous in the face of adversity. You are able to forgive more easily and give more of yourself to others.

1. Expand your awareness

Spiritual energy is the force that unites all of life, from the tiny particles of your cells to the entire universe. People who are more spiritual are able to feel the interconnectedness of all things and experience feelings of bliss, love, and light that permeate every action they take.

One of the best ways to expand your awareness and connect with spiritual energy is to practice meditation. Practicing daily can help calm your racing thoughts and allow you to connect with the cosmos in a deeper way.

In a deep meditative state, your mind becomes an empty vessel open to receiving images and words from your Higher Self and the universe. These are called telepathic experiences. You may also experience this type of energy in dreams or through a guidance system such as angels, departed ancestors, or ascended masters.

Studies have linked increased spirituality to a boost in psychological well-being and physical health. It can also provide a source of positivity and comfort in times of stress or hardship.

2. Activate your energy

Spiritual energy helps you to connect with a higher dimension of yourself. Whether it’s known as qi in Chinese philosophy or prana in yogic meditation and practice, this energy is the force that connects you with your true spiritual self. It’s also a powerful way to re-energize and become one with the world around you.

You’ve likely heard people use the term high energy or low energy to refer to someone’s mood, but it has a much deeper meaning in spiritual circles. In the world of spiritual enlightenment and evolution, it describes your state of consciousness and your level of vibration or frequency.

When you’re living primarily through the constricted lower self, your energy or light body isn’t accessible. Activating your energy paves the way for natural expansion and awakening your intuitive gifts. You can reactivate your energy through meditation or breathing techniques such as kapalbhati (fire breath). Try this simple, yet effective technique that plugs back into your energetic grid and lights up your entire energy system.

3. Visualise

Visualisation is a powerful way to manifest what you want in life. It increases selective attention, focusing your brain on the details of what you want to accomplish.

It can also help you to connect with spirit. Spiritual energy is the invisible force that powers all of creation and manifests everything you see around you. It is the same force that makes a ball rise in the air, or makes your hand fall onto your keyboard when you touch it.

Try this visualization technique to connect with spiritual energy: Visualise yourself in a beautiful blue bubble that represents your sacred space. Picture this bubble expanding as a portal to the universe and bringing in a flow of gorgeous cosmic energy. See this beautiful energy entering your bubble and being absorbed into the esoteric energies that overlay your physical body. Feel these energies circulating round your entire energy system, cleansing and energising you. Then feel this healing energy radiating outwards from your heart centre (chakra) into the world.

4. Protect your energy

Spiritual energy has roots in all religions and philosophies, and can be experienced in different ways. For example, in chinese philosophy and medicine it is known as qi and in yoga meditation and practice as prana. It is also recognised by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as a state of flow where you are completely immersed in what you’re doing and your mind is clear.

A great way to connect with spirit energy is through dreams. Start a dream journal and notice recurring patterns, symbols and people. Spirit guides will often come through as loved ones in your dreams.

Another way to cleanse your energy is through mindfulness. Washing your hands mindfully with cool water and setting an intention to rinse away any negative energies is one way to do this. A bowl of salt in the corner of your room can help absorb any toxins, and lighting a Himalayan or crystal salt lamp can aid relaxation and sleep.