How to Harness Spiritual Energy to Achieve Your Goals

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy is a term used to describe the idea that people have an internal force within them. This force can be harnessed to help you achieve your goals.

It’s a pillar of connection to your higher self, humanity, nature, and the Source. It fuels your other energy pillars and directs your physical, emotional and mental manifestations towards the greatest good and purpose.

It’s a Force

Spiritual energy is a force or power that exists everywhere and within everything. It exists in specks of dust, pebbles, flowers, animals, people, planets and galaxies.

Those who believe in spiritual energy call it by many different names. This can create confusion and even lead to conflict.

The best way to understand spiritual energy is through values, purpose and wisdom. They help you to recognize and connect with your true self. Those who live with these qualities are able to experience greater peace, love and happiness.

It’s a Power

Spiritual energy is the most fundamental and sustainable source of your energy. It’s your compass, your inner guidance system fueling the other energy pillars and directing physical, emotional, and mental manifestations towards the greatest good and purpose.

It’s best understood through values, purpose, wisdom and intuition inspiring and guiding your thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions. It’s the energy you use to complete your divine purpose or dharma, which can bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction.

It’s a Consciousness

Spiritual energy is a form of consciousness that we are able to feel and intuit. Have you ever walked into a room and felt an atmosphere, or turned your head to see someone staring at you?

The energy we receive comes from a source of compassion, love or divine guidance. This is a quality of our Higher Self that can be cultivated by taking time out to meditate and practice mindfulness.

It’s a Compassion

Compassion is the ability to feel and act in sympathy with others. It’s a core ethical virtue in Buddhism and Christianity, and it was the inspiration behind the teachings of both Jesus and Buddha.

Many business leaders, gurus and writers are now advocating greater love, compassion and spirituality in organisations. But there are different interpretations of this concept, and each approach has its own merits and challenges.

For managers, one of the biggest challenges is developing an interpretation that will work for their organisation. This has to be rooted in the wider issues of corporate social responsibility and ethical business, as well as more traditional ideas around compassion and spirituality.

It’s a Love

Often, spiritual energy is seen as a form of love or compassion. This can come from a source outside of yourself or your own ego preferences, and is a powerful force in helping to heal the hearts and souls of those around you.

It’s also an unmistakable resonance from the centre of your soul, that propels you forwards and gives you the strength to do whatever is divinely given to do.

When you are in love on a spiritual level your life becomes clearer and your goals and dreams effortlessly align. You experience synchronicities in your interactions and even the little things seem to be meaningful and special.

It’s a Purpose

Spiritual energy is an important part of our everyday lives and it makes us more optimistic and courageous. It also helps us forgive easily and cope better in times of adversity.

We can also experience a sense of being one with the cosmos and tapping into the collective energy of the world. This is a good thing as the cosmos has an immense amount of energy that it wants to share with us.

We can utilise our spiritual energy to achieve our goals and manifest what we want in life. This will be done through positive and productive actions which are driven by our inner guidance.