5 Ways to Tap Into Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy is the life force that permeates and energizes everything. It can be tapped into in many ways, from meditation to prayer.

Master Choa Kok Sui stated that the need for spiritual energy is intrinsic to expanding consciousness. Without it, consciousness is stalled and expansion is hindered.


Spirituality is a belief system that believes there is something more to life than what our senses can see, feel, or touch. It is an inner search that satisfies the human thirst for meaning, purpose, peace, mystery, and truth.

It can include religious beliefs, but it is not limited to any specific religion or group. The key is finding something that works for you.

This type of spirituality often involves service to others without expectation for anything in return. This can include a spiritual community, helping the poor, or even volunteering online.

Many people are drawn to spirituality for the same reasons – for exploration and adventure, for feeling more connected to the world, or for deepening their faith. It can also be a way to make a difference in the world, and help others find happiness.


Religion is constituted by a set of beliefs, actions and emotions, both personal and corporate, organized around a concept of an Ultimate Reality.

This concept may take the form of a historical figure (e.g., Christ, Buddha, Moses), or it can be more abstract (e.g., Aboriginal Dreaming concerning the land and ancestors).

Spiritual energy, on the other hand, is believed to come from a higher universal truth or force. It is also seen as a part of the human soul.

This energy helps people cope with negative situations in life, and it can help them stay positive and healthy. It also makes it easier for them to feel connected with others and the world at large.


Pilgrimage is a form of spiritual energy that involves journeying to a distant destination in order to reconnect with the sacred. Whether it’s a trip to Israel for Jewish young adults, or a trek across Nevada for Burning Man, pilgrimage offers a way to reconnect with parts of oneself that may have been lost in the daily rat race.

There are many different types of pilgrimages, and some people can experience a very strong spiritual transformation during a pilgrimage. Others can come away with a more subtle change, such as recommitment or a renewed sense of meaning in life.

Although a pilgrimage is often associated with religious faith, it doesn’t have to be religious in nature or be officially sanctioned. As a result, this special issue of Geographies of Religion and Spirituality explores pilgrimage beyond the ’officially sacred’ to understand how pilgrimage is both perceived and conducted.


Community is an essential part of spiritual practice. It should be seen as more than a social club but an extension of the spiritual content and substance that is at the center of our work.

As a result, it’s a good idea to spend time observing the community that you are working in and paying attention to the times and ways that members of the congregation care for each other. Does it involve laughter and tears, rejoicing in God’s love for them and putting that into action in their lives?

This type of energy is known as spirit energy and it relates to the emotions. It’s a powerful, incorruptible energy that connects us to our higher self and divinity. It calms anxiety, fears, and feelings of inadequacy. It also empowers you to take action with divine insight and intention. This type of energy is especially strong when a group of people comes together to practice community.