What is Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual Energy is the energy that connects us with our true values and deep sense of purpose. It often manifests through ritual and a community that supports your spiritual side.

Energy is a force that affects all living things. It’s not positive or negative; it just operates as a balancer.

1. Meditation

A practice of quieting the mind to gain more awareness of the present moment, meditation is a great way to increase spiritual energy levels. The key is not to fight or suppress any feelings, but instead to acknowledge them and allow the thought or feeling to pass by without judging it or making it more important than others.

Meditation can also be beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. It also increases the ability to control one’s emotions. It is a good idea to meditate for at least two to three minutes per day and gradually work your way up to longer periods of time.

It is recommended to meditate in a quiet setting with no distractions, if possible. Focus on your breath, paying attention to the different parts of your body and lingering on each for a few moments. You can start by spotlighting your toes, then move through the feet (sole, heel, top of foot), pelvis, abdomen, lower back, chest, shoulders, arms down to your fingers, neck, and finally your head.

2. Kindness

Spiritual energy can inspire you to prioritize values like family, generosity and kindness. It may also make you more patient and forgiving of the people in your life.

Studies show that people with high spiritual energy are more optimistic and courageous. They can also forgive more easily and stay calm in stressful situations.

Cultivating acts of kindness can also boost happiness, and one type of loving-kindness meditation has been found to buffer telomeres, the biological marker of aging. If you’re looking for a way to practice more kindness in your life, try this free guided loving-kindness meditation from Berkeley Greater Good Science Center.

In addition to kindness towards others, spiritual people often have a strong connection with their inner self and treat themselves with compassion and respect. This could include avoiding unhealthy behaviours and limiting screen time, or it might mean saying no to yourself when you really want to say yes. In some cases, this might be tough to do, but it’s essential for a healthy relationship with yourself.

3. Community

Spiritual energy is a deep well that people draw from in times of stress and hardship. This can benefit their mental and physical health. Studies have found that people who are more spiritual tend to live longer.

One way to cultivate spirituality is by connecting with nature. Being in the outdoors can help you relax and detach from your everyday worries. It also increases your sense of gratitude and connectedness to a higher power.

In addition, many people find spirituality in their communities. This can include religious groups, community service and activities that focus on a common interest.

Many Americans believe that spirits exist. In fact, eight-in-ten believe that people have a soul or spirit. Many also believe that nonhuman animals have a spirit and that places like cemeteries and parts of nature have spiritual energy.

4. Visualisation

Just like gravity pulls on the objects it affects, spiritual energy exerts a force on all living things. Your spiritual energy system is a beautiful kaleidoscope of electromagnetic energy, which flows through and around your physical body.

Visualization is the practice of imagining your goals and desires as though they have already happened. You can use visualization to create a positive mindset, boost your self-belief and align your actions with your goals.

The key to using this powerful technique is consistency. Find a time each day to sit and visualize. Some people prefer to write their visualization down rather than doing it purely in their minds, but whatever works for you is the most important part.

Start by finding a quiet space, close your eyes and take several deep breaths to relax yourself. Then begin to imagine a place you feel calm and content in. You can even engage your senses and add to the experience. For example, imagine a soft breeze or the sound of birds as you visualize.