What is Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy is the life-force energy that is contained within every living thing. It is the energy that powers the universe. It is the energy that gives people a positive attitude. It is the energy that causes them to forgive and be generous.

You have probably heard of people talking about having high or low energy. But what does that mean?


The world we live in holds an immense amount of energy. When we have a spiritual awakening, we begin to tap into that collective energy.

This energy moves you beyond your narrow self-interests, into a greater sense of community and purpose. It makes you more optimistic and courageous, and helps you to forgive. People who seek out spiritual energy often say they are happier, healthier and more successful than those without.

We are often drained of our emotional energy because it is not recognized or addressed. When it goes unchecked, it can cause physical symptoms such as fatigue, aches and pains and depression.

You can increase your emotional energy levels by tuning into your body sensations. These sensations may feel tense, tingly, light, heavy, smooth, cold or rumbling. They are the internal messages of your bodymind wisdom that draw you toward homeostasis and lasting happiness. You can think of this as similar to the gravitational force that pulls objects toward earth.


You may have heard of spiritual energy in connection with acupuncture or some other form of alternative medicine, and many believe that there is a force or aura around us. It is usually viewed as separate from the electromagnetic fields used in medical procedures and not a part of our physical body.

Spiritual people are often optimistic and courageous. They can forgive easily and live with a sense of purpose that transcends their own personal ego. This is an energy of love and compassion and can be experienced by anyone who can tap into it.

Spiritual people also feel a sense of oneness with the universe, and they are more satisfied with their lives than non-spiritual people. This is because tapping into spiritual energy allows you to expand your consciousness beyond a narrow personal perspective and connect with a unifying universal energy. It is this that makes you feel the peace that passes all understanding.


Spiritual energy is the force that animates our bodies and connects us to divinity. It is pure, exciting, and expands your consciousness beyond all boundaries.

This type of energy clears all karmic baggage and heals imbalances within the human body. It transforms a normal human into a divine human. It has a pure love that is all accepting and non-judgmental. It is the highest form of energy that exists.

It is often associated with religious beliefs and is also known as Chi or Qi energy. It permeates and energizes all living things and various techniques have been developed to channel it for healing purposes.

Some people believe that spiritual energy comes from God or the universe while others think it is part of their inner dimension. No matter what belief system you subscribe to, there are many benefits of being spiritual. For example, research has shown that spiritual Americans are more satisfied with their lives and less stressed than non-spiritual people. Spiritual people are also more likely to put their egos aside and help their colleagues.


Spiritual energy is associated with the soul and the feeling of being connected to something bigger than yourself. This type of energy gives you a sense of peace, happiness, integrity and purpose in life. It can also promote healthy habits like regular exercise, eating well and sleeping soundly.

People with high spiritual energy are more likely to be generous and empathetic. They are also more stress resilient. This may explain why studies have found that religiosity is correlated with lower depression in survivors of trauma and with higher quality of life in patients suffering from cancer.

Spirituality does not necessarily equate to being religious and many non-religious people have a strong spiritual energy. However, there are plenty of examples of spiritually minded people who have done awful things with disastrous repercussions, such as terrorist suicide bombers and Adolf Hitler. This suggests that spirituality is not inherently good or bad. It depends on your actions.