What is Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual Energy is an invisible force that exists all around us. It is similar to gravity, except it can be felt and is much more powerful.

It is the energy that connects you to The Source and unifies you with the universe as a whole. It also helps you to live a more satisfying and successful life, whether or not you are religious.


For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have ascribed mystical powers to a force called spiritual energy. They have referred to it by many names: Qi, Ki, Prana, Pneuma and Mana. This is the force that allows you to sense a tense atmosphere, feel drained by a needy friend or feel your energy shift in the presence of a loving partner.

It is like the gravity you experience when you throw a ball in the air. It is invisible, but the effects are very real. The difference is that spiritual energy can be harnessed for positive change, while the force of gravity is merely a natural phenomenon. Spirituality is the practice of turning values into action and engaging with others and something bigger than yourself.


Whether they are religious or not, spiritual people look for a connection with something bigger than themselves. Spirituality helps them live their lives with a purpose and makes them happier and healthier than non-spiritual people.

A person with low spiritual energy has a hard time handling negative emotions or experiences in their life. They may become depressed or even experience anxiety.

When their energy is high, they can handle negativity better and have a more positive outlook on life. These people also have better relationships at work and are more caring towards their friends and family. Spiritual Americans (religious or not) are also more likely to help out their neighbors and strangers. They also have a higher sense of ethics and morality. Spirituality focuses on formless divine power and a direct, tangible connection to it through the inner subtle energy system.


Spiritual energy is the most subtle of all types of energies. It shows up as your emotions and is closely connected to your soul. This type of energy is hard to master.

Meditation is the best way to get in touch with your spiritual energy. This will help you clear out your thoughts and emotions so that you can tap into this powerful source of energy.

In a deep meditation, you become an empty vessel, open to receiving images and words from your Higher Self and the cosmos. This is the state that was described by Roberto Assagioli M.D., the father of psychosynthesis. It is also the state that Dante experienced in his Divine Comedy. In this state, time dissolves and you are at peace with yourself.


People who practice yoga regularly can increase their spiritual energy levels. This energy can help heal the body, mind and emotions. It can also help you find a purpose in life and lead to a more successful and healthy lifestyle.

Spiritual energy can be transferred from a teacher or guru to a student through the process of shaktipat. This transfer is described as a divine descent of tremendous energy that can change a person’s entire existence.

Yogic philosophy talks a lot about energy, Qi (chi) and prana, and how it flows through the human system. It includes a whole series of concepts called chakras, meridians, nadis, auras and more. It is a very complex and deep subject.


Many energy healing techniques are based on the belief that everything in the universe is made of energy. They claim to be able to manipulate your body’s energy to heal you. However, these claims are anecdotal and have never been proven empirically.

Some of these energy therapies include acupuncture, Reiki and the laying on of hands. Others are done at a distance, like distant healing.

Spiritual energy healers believe that your body has a life force that must be balanced for good health. They say they can help remove the blockages that are causing your disease. This is not a scientific approach to health, but it may improve pain relief and increase the quality of your life. It can also help you become more relaxed and less stressed.