Wellness Through Awareness

wellness consciousness

Wellness consciousness is a concept that uses our natural wisdom to promote health and happiness. It is linked to fitness, nutrition, and personal responsibility. When applied correctly, health consciousness results in a more vibrant life and lower rates of chronic disease. It can also be applied to health education programs. Several important benefits of wellness consciousness are discussed below.

Wellness through awareness involves transforming underlying energy patterns and the seeds of conditions. This process uses information transduction to convert lower vibrational energy into higher vibrational frequencies. This process creates targeted systems, which are like circuits of consciousness. Ultimately, this frees up unrestricted energy, which promotes life growth and freedom of choice.

The researchers examined the indirect effect of wellness consciousness on health behaviors by examining its relation with emotional intelligence. They used a global EI measure, four subscales, and a model that included age, sex, and family income as antecedents. They then estimated the direct and indirect effects for each model. The results are presented in Table 4 and Figures 2 and 3.

Wellness is an active process that promotes physical, emotional, and mental health. These domains are closely interconnected, and improving physical health can lead to improvements in other domains of life. It is holistic, ongoing, and intentional. The goal of wellness is to live a healthy, happy, and balanced life. Wellness is a state of complete well-being and should be the goal of everyone’s life.