Using Power Words to Bring Back Your Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy

Using power words to bring back your spiritual energy and keep it fresh. Tapping into the energy of your best self. Changing the colour of your spiritual energy bubble.

Changing the colour of a spiritual energy bubble

Using a bubble to create your own augmented reality may sound like a gimmick to some, but it’s actually a cool and effective way to connect with the spirit world. The same bubble can be used to draw in positive energy from the cosmos and nudge you in the right direction for greater personal and professional success.

The bubble is made up of seven layers, the most important of which is the “air” layer. Keeping this part of the bubble clear and charged is key to achieving a high level of energy and a positive outlook. There are a number of ways to do this, but one of the best is to visualize the presence of the highest vibrational energy possible. This can be done by imagining a hologram of the highest possible frequency within the bubble.

Tapping into the energy of your best self

Often, the best way to tap into the energy of your best self is to care for others. It is a simple way to turn values into action. It is also the way to connect with others. It allows you to renew your energy and release stress.

Rather than settling for a poor quality of life, or an empty feeling inside, you can tap into the energy of your best self by investing your energy in building great relationships. Your best self is the one that guides you to your best course of action. Your higher self is a part of the cosmic whole and is connected to the non-ego.

When you are able to tap into the energy of your best self, you will find that all of your actions will align with a greater purpose. Your purpose is defined as your intention, your aim, or your meaning. You may not have a specific life purpose, but your deeper sense of meaning will explain your lifestyle choices.

Protecting your body’s spiritual energy system

Using a protective shield can be beneficial in protecting your body’s spiritual energy system from negative energies. This can be done by wearing a shield, placing a crystal or other protective object in your environment, or by using a combination of methods. The purpose of a shield is to protect your spiritual energy from negative or toxic energies.

If you’re not sure how to use a shield, you can find out by asking a spiritual healer. They will be able to recommend the best objects to use and bless them to protect your spiritual energy. These objects can include crystals, oils, or plants. They have strong energy fields and can protect your body’s spiritual energy from negative or toxic energies.

A low aura can be a sign that you’re depleting your spiritual energy. It can make you feel a bit sick, depressed, or even fearful. You may see people staring at you, or a strong atmosphere in the room. You need to know where you’re losing your energy, and how to protect it.