The Importance of Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy is your connection to your spirit, community and nature. It fuels the other energy pillars and guides you towards values, purpose and inner wisdom.

Everything is energy, and all energies interact with each other – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a physical object, an emotion or a thought. You can boost your energy by avoiding toxic relationships and incorporating practices that reconnect you to your inner guidance.


Spirituality is a sense of meaning, values, wisdom, and intuition inspiring and guiding your thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions. It is the most subtle of the energy pillars and can be difficult to tap into, but when you do, you will feel more integrated, wholesome, and connected to others.

In a more broad sense, the spiritual pillar is about connecting to something bigger than yourself through practices like prayer, reflection, meditation, and service. It’s also about balancing this pillar with engagements with others and yourself through care for your own needs, including your physical and mental health.

Many people think of spirituality as religion, but it can also be a connection with a higher universal truth, force or supernatural realm, or even just your own inner dimension. Regardless of how they describe their spirituality, SBNRs tend to be more open and flexible in their approach to core teachings from the great wisdom traditions, as well as more tolerant of differing viewpoints.


Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally focusing your attention on what is happening in the moment. It is a form of meditation and has been shown to improve health and well-being.

When you are mindful, you notice when you are on autopilot and can make a conscious choice to change the pattern. For example, instead of automatically grabbing a bag of chips to eat while watching TV, you may choose to sit down with a friend or take a walk.

Spiritual energy is a force that permeates every plane and all living things hold it within them. It is the invisible force that allows us to sense and feel all around us and it is how we can be drained by a toxic friend or get energized by a positive connection. The way to boost your spiritual energy is through deep connections with others and being in nature. It is also a great way to release stress and renew your energy.


Practicing self-care is vital to a healthy life. It can be as simple as putting Epsom salt into your bath, spending time in nature and setting boundaries. It could also be as complex as limiting your spending to save for the future, taking time out to enjoy hobbies or finding ways to serve the community.

Emotional self-care involves creating a healthy mindset through mindfulness and curiosity. It may include journaling, meditation, creating a brain dump list at the beginning of each day and switching up your daily routine. It is also about identifying and embracing your values, boundaries, strengths and unique gifts.

Spiritual energy is the energetic force that connects all aspects of the physical world. It is called by different names in ancient traditions including Qi, Prana and Pneuma. It is also referred to by psychologists as a state of flow. This is a magnetic state of repleteness, contentment and delight. It is also connected to a sense of purpose and service that we call your dharma.


Spiritual energy is a force that allows us to tap into our deepest sense of purpose and alignment with something bigger than ourselves. This can be found in our beliefs, values and actions – the deeper why we do what we do.

It can also be found in our relationships. It is important to avoid toxic relationships that drain your energy and to nurture relationships that support you. Negative thoughts, beliefs and judgments are the most common sources of a negative energy field that can drain your spiritual energy.

Ekman noticed four characteristics of people with this energetic vibration: a palpable goodness, an impression of selflessness that lacked concern with status and fame, the ability to listen without judgement, and a transparency between their personal life and public persona. This is a beautiful manifestation of love energy! The more you give to others, the more joy and love energy your spiritual pillar will receive. It is the best way to cultivate a loving and compassionate relationship.