The Importance of Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy is the quality of connection to higher self, humanity, nature and God. It fuels the other energy pillars and directs the physical, emotional and mental manifestations towards the greatest good and purpose.

People with strong spiritual energy are often optimistic, courageous and able to forgive easily. They also keep calm and remain focused in times of adversity.

What is energy?

Energy is the capacity of a system to do work. This may be a jet, moving hundreds of passengers across the ocean; a baby’s body, growing bone cells; or a kite, rising on the wind.

Modern civilization uses energy to create food and products, to power cars, and to send people into space. It is a conserved quantity: the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be transferred from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.

In physics, there are two main types of energy: kinetic and potential. Kinetic energy is the ability for an object to do work; potential energy, on the other hand, is the capacity of an object to do work without any physical change in the configuration of the object.

The human brain

The human brain is a complex organ that houses intelligence, interprets the senses, initiates body movement, and controls behavior. It lies in a bony shell and is washed with protective fluid.

As it receives information from the five sensory organs, it sends messages to the cortex – also known as gray matter – and to the thalamus, which carries them to other parts of the brain. The thalamus, in turn, sends signals to the hypothalamus, which regulates your pulse, appetite, and sleep patterns.

Miller and colleagues have studied the brain activity of 27 young adults who described their own spiritual experiences as they were scanned by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). These participants were all from different religions with varying levels of religiosity, but all were defined by their individual notions of what constitutes a spiritual experience.

Earth energy

The energy of the Earth is very important to your spiritual energy. It affects everything from the weather to your body’s health.

The main source of energy on Earth comes from the Sun. The light and heat of the Sun travel through space to reach Earth, where it warms different parts of the planet.

It also heats up the air that is in the atmosphere. The air that becomes warm rises and sucks the cooler air into it, which creates wind.

This wind can be used to help turn windmills, make wind turbines, and even help birds fly.

We can use the energy of the Earth to heal ourselves, too. By focusing on our senses, such as sight, taste, smell and touch, we can develop a deep and lasting connection with the Earth’s healing frequency.

The soul

The soul is often said to be a spiritual energy, and it affects how we respond to external influences. For example, it makes us optimistic and courageous, enabling us to forgive easily and deal with stress more effectively.

This idea of the soul was developed throughout history by different philosophers and religions. It is a concept that many cultures hold in high esteem.

For Aristotle, the soul is the organization between form and matter that allows for a natural being’s full actualization. This is necessary for any activity, or functionality, to occur within a natural being.

This concept of the soul is particularly important in the fifth century when a very noteworthy development occurs whereby it comes to be thought of as the source or bearer of moral qualities like justice, temperance and courage. These characteristics are clearly associated with the soul, and they appear in texts from the Homeric poems as well as other Greek writings.