Spiritual Energy – The Power of Divinity

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy is a power of divinity that flows through all living beings. It’s pure and exciting, and expands consciousness beyond all boundaries.

It gives you a sense of integrity, purpose and peace in life. People with spiritual energy have a palpable goodness that comes from genuine kindness. They are selfless and show no interest in personal gain.

Higher Self-energy

Spiritual Energy, also known as divine energy, is a form of love and light that is sourced from your soul. It connects you with your higher self and gives you divine guidance. When you feel this energy, you are able to move beyond your ego and be more loving towards yourself and others. Often times, this energy is used to give us the motivation and drive to succeed in life. Studies have shown that people who have high levels of spiritual energy are more satisfied with their lives and are less stressed out than non-spiritual individuals. They are also more likely to forgive and support their friends and family during tough times.

The best way to connect with this energy is through meditation and creative expression. This includes anything that brings you joy, such as dancing, painting, journaling, and music. This energy is also the source of those inspiring flashes of intuition that come to you during your daily life.


Divinity, or spiritual energy, is a force that unites us with a higher universal truth. Whether religious or not, people seek connection with this unifying energy.

It’s the same energy that makes the universe tick, and it permeates everything and everyone on every level of reality. This sacred energy is said to bring healing, guidance, and a sense of connection with The Source.

Many practitioners describe this energy as being very alive and vibrant. This can be compared to the way you feel when you’re in a good mood or when you’re doing something that you love. Writers, artists, musicians and athletes often talk about this feeling, which is also known as being in the flow.

Protect your spiritual energy by practicing daily stillness, awareness and meditation. This will help to keep your energy balanced and clear so you can channel it into positive areas of your life.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love, or spiritual energy, is the type of loving that goes beyond just a feeling. It involves taking a person’s actions into account. It’s also something that can withstand the ups and downs of a relationship. It means putting aside any bitterness or hostility that may occur in the relationship. Those negative emotions can damage a person’s vascular health over time.

Spiritually energetic people are more optimistic and courageous in the face of adversity. They are more likely to forgive others and help their friends when they need it. They are also more willing to share power in a relationship.

According to 2009 research, showing unconditional love activates the same parts of the brain as when you show romantic and maternal love. However, it’s important to note that unconditional love isn’t doormat love. It’s about elevating those you love, encouraging and motivating them to be their best self without criticizing them for their flaws.

Life Purpose

Spiritual energy helps you to feel a sense of purpose in life. It takes you beyond your narrow self-interests and guides you to a bigger cause. It’s been found that people with strong spiritual energy are more satisfied with their lives and are healthier than non-spiritual Americans.

Your body’s spiritual energy system allows you to feel and intuit everything and everyone around you. You can sense a tense atmosphere, feel when someone is drained by you and even tell when you are being harmed.

It’s important to learn how to protect your spiritual energy. A great visualisation is to imagine yourself surrounded by mirrors that deflect any other person’s energy away from you. It also helps to think about what is truly meaningful to you and how your life can help to solve a problem or injustice in the world. Then you can start to consciously align your actions with your life purpose. This can be anything from helping your friends and family to random acts of kindness.