Spiritual Energy – The Pillar That Connects Us to Our Higher Self, Nature and The Source

Spiritual Energy is the pillar that connects us to our higher self, humanity, nature and The Source. It fuels the other energy pillars and guides our physical, emotional and mental manifestations.

People with high levels of spiritual energy tend to be more motivated and focused. They also experience lower stress and anxiety levels, and have stronger connections with their peers.


Spirituality is a broad term that includes beliefs and practices that connect the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a person. These include prayer, meditation, and other self-healing methods. They can also help you become a more loving and kind person.

Practicing spirituality can have many benefits, including increased energy, improved focus, and better relationships. However, it is important to approach it with caution. Some spiritual groups can be deceptive, leading to a dangerous practice called “spiritual bypassing.” This is when people use their spirituality as a way to avoid dealing with difficult emotions or problems.

Some ways to increase your spiritual energy include practicing mindfulness and meditation, exercising regularly, and spending time in nature. You can also try giving back to your community or volunteering. Doing charitable activities can help you feel good about yourself, and it will increase your spiritual energy levels. Another way to increase your spiritual energy is by expressing gratitude.


Meditation is a process of focusing your attention on your breath and paying attention to the sensations that are occurring in your body. It also includes using visualizations and chanting. Regardless of what you use to meditate, the benefits can include emotional healing, spiritual growth and increased self-control.

It also allows you to shift your perspective, which can be helpful in both personal and professional relationships. For example, if you have been feeling like you are being taken advantage of by a colleague or family member, mediation can help you step back and see the situation from a new angle.

It is important to set a clear intention for your meditation practice and keep it in mind throughout the duration of the session. It is also common for your thoughts and feelings to come up during meditation, but the goal is not to suppress them or push them away. Instead, you can choose to acknowledge them without judgment and gently bring your focus back to your breath.


Visualisations are a powerful tool that helps us connect with and tap into our spiritual energy. When used regularly, they can promote emotional regulation and help you to build a strong foundation of self-love.

Start by imagining yourself in a soothing water environment of your choice. This can be a lake, sea or river. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be immersed in the experience, engaging all of your senses.

Then visualize a beautiful, healing light coming in from the top of your head. This light will move down your body, pushing any doubt, negativity and fear down into the ground where Mother Earth will collect it for her to transform into a new, healthy energy.

Once you’ve established an energetic foundation, it’s time to open the doorway to your guides. They’ll often appear as animals or a loved one in spirit, but they can also come in the form of symbols and images.


A form of communication with God, the divine or holy – it’s practiced in all religions at all times and can be a personal or group act. It is a way to communicate with the boundless, ego-free source of pure love that wants the best for us.

People who engage in spiritual energy practices report better sleep quality and concentration levels. The practice has also been known to reduce stress hormones and increase positive feelings and emotions.

Whether you’re religious or not, spirituality helps cultivate qualities like compassion, empathy and understanding of others. These are important in creating strong, successful teams and improving collaboration in business. In fact, research shows that Spiritual Americans are more satisfied with their lives and health than non-spiritual individuals – even if they don’t believe in God. They are also more likely to do favors for others and help in the community. This is because they have a deeper connection to the Universe and its unifying force.