Spiritual Energy – The Pillar of Success

Spiritual energy is the pillar of your connection to your higher self, humanity and the Source. It fuels the other energy pillars and guides your thoughts, feelings, actions and decisions.

You can tap into spiritual energy by pursuing activities that uplift you and connecting with others in meaningful ways. Spiritual people are often more optimistic, courageous and able to forgive.

Sacred energy

Spiritual energy is a life force connecting you to divine essence. Nurture this sacred force through conscious exchange with spirit, nature, inspiring people and practices, and regular cleansing to release accumulated lower vibrations. Shield your field and keep it clear by limiting people, places, and things that drain you.

Spiritually energized people are more optimistic, courageous and forgiving. They can also better manage stress and maintain a healthier lifestyle. This is especially important in business. Recent studies have shown that leaders with higher levels of spiritual energy are more able to lead their teams and inspire their employees.

The Sacred Energy Peering Lenses is an item Yusuke gets to help him out as a spirit detective. This device allows him to see the location of identified demons, but only if they’re within his range. It breaks when he senses Rando, implying that it’s useless against high-rank demons. The Spectral Energy Meter is a similar tool Yusuke can use to find his sworn enemy, Raizen.

Divine feminine

The divine feminine is an energy that balances and harmonises with the masculine. It encourages growth, healing, and compassion. It is also about intuition and creativity. It is the womb from which everything grows and manifests. It can be accessed by tuning into the emotional body, practicing mindfulness, and meditation. Embracing this energy can lead to greater success in business and spirituality, as well as deeper connections with others on a soul level.


Intuitive energy is a hallmark of the divine feminine, and is often described as a strong gut feeling that you can’t explain. It’s about listening to your intuition and allowing yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom. It may also manifest as a desire to nurture and care for yourself.

Having compassion for yourself and those around you is a quality of the divine feminine, as is caring for the environment. It’s about connecting with Mother Earth and fighting for changes that benefit all.

Masculine energy

When the masculine energy is in balance, it is strong and assertive, but still compassionate and open to receiving. It makes decisions based on logic and weighs the pros and cons. It is a powerful energy that can lead people to success. For example, Winston Churchill exhibited this energy when he rallied the country during World War II.

Positive masculine energy is about protecting the people in our lives and standing up for ourselves. It is also about expressing power in a responsible way. However, if this energy is not balanced with the feminine, it can be negative. In this case, people may come across as aggressive or insensitive.

Cultivating masculine energy is a process that takes time and effort. However, it is worth it. It will help you feel confident and secure while also being open to receiving love from others. A well-balanced masculine energy is essential for a healthy and happy life. You can find this energy by incorporating some of the following things into your life:

Positive energy

Whether or not you believe in the concept of spiritual energy, it is important to understand that invisible, intangible, and amazingly powerful energies connect everything in our universe. These invisible energies are the force that keeps things moving, even if they appear to be stationary (remember that rock you thought was solid but it actually vibrated and reacted to the world around it?).

Your own spiritual energy system flows inside and around your body. It is this energy that allows you to sense and feel everyone and everything you interact with. This is why you can feel the positive vibes from a friend, and also feel the negative energy of someone who drains your own energy.

This energy is called prana in yoga, qi in Chinese philosophy and medicine, and the psychological state of flow described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Spiritual energy is the energetic force that fuels your growth and expansion of consciousness. It can be harnessed through meditation, yoga, and other practices.