Spiritual Energy – The Force That Makes You Feel at One With the Universe

Spiritual Energy is a force that makes you feel at one with the universe. It’s something that you can develop through meditation, mindfulness and other spiritual practices.

Also known as Chi, Ki or Qi energy, it’s the life-force that runs through the body in a network of pathways called meridians.

1. It Awakens You

Spiritual energy gives you a sense of peace, happiness, integrity and purpose in your life. But let’s get one thing straight – you don’t need to be religious to have spiritual energy.

People who have high levels of spiritual energy are optimistic and courageous in tough situations. They’re also able to forgive more easily.

This type of energy is what drives us to make an impact in the world and connect with our higher self, humanity and nature. It’s the pillar of alignment with our values and our bigger purpose (aka dharma). Developing this energy is achieved by connecting with others, engaging in personal growth practices, mindful meditation and questioning our perceptual reality. It is also nurtured by healthy relationships. The more you invest in relationships that make you feel seen and loved, the easier it is to tap into spiritual energy.

2. It Lets You Connect With The Universe

There are many ways to connect with the universe, and it’s important to find a way that works for you. Some people like to meditate, while others use crystals and essential oils. Regardless of what method you choose, connecting with universal energy can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

In the spiritual world, you can connect with the universe by releasing any limiting thoughts and tuning into the higher vibrational energy of love. When you align with this energy, you will receive guidance and support from the universe.

Moreover, you will be able to sense and feel the energy of everything around you. For example, if you’re struggling with a challenge and you ask your Angels and Spirit Guides for clarity, they may send you a deer or other animal to show you the answer.

3. It Helps You Relieve Stress

A lot of people struggle with mental health conditions like depression and anxiety disorders. These conditions are often the result of long-term stress, which can be a real killer to your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Spirituality, in its many forms, can help you cope with stress by giving your life meaning. It might be a belief in a higher power, a daily meditation practice or simply living in alignment with your dharma.

When you’re able to tap into your spiritual energy, it allows you to let go of the things that don’t matter and focus on what does. This frees up your time to invest in high vibe activities and gives you a sense of peace and clarity. It also lowers your stress levels.

4. It Makes You Stronger

Spiritual energy is a powerful force that makes you feel more integrated and whole. It comes from having strong values, purpose and wisdom inspiring and guiding your thoughts, actions, decisions, and feelings. This energy helps you feel connected to something bigger than yourself and taps into your best self.

This spiritual energy also gives you a sense of completeness and okayness, moment to moment. This is a sign that your ego has become less important and the higher soul has taken over. It also means that you’re likely to be kinder toward others without trying. Believers in spiritual energy equate it with electrical and magnetic forces, but the claims are usually based on anecdotal, rather than empirical evidence. These forces are already well-understood by science and are used in medical procedures.

5. It Makes You Happier

When you practice mindfulness and accept the present moment, you are able to tap into your spiritual energy. This energizes you and boosts your happiness levels. People who are spiritual often prioritize values like family, generosity, and kindness. This may explain why they tend to have happier relationships than others.

Spirituality can also help you let go of things that drain your energy, such as toxic relationships and resentments. Just like gravity, you cannot see it, but it is a force that pulls everything towards itself.

However, it is important to note that you should not use spirituality as a way to avoid problems or bypass emotions. Instead, make it a part of your daily life to master your spiritual energy. It will make you stronger and more resilient.