How to Protect Spiritual Energy and Keep it Energised

Spiritual Energy is a powerful force that you can use to create positive changes in your life. It’s important to learn how to protect it and keep it energized.

We’ve all heard about kinetic and potential energy, as well as the concept that everything is energy (thanks to Einstein). But what exactly is spiritual energy?


The world around you holds immense energy. You can tap into this energy by awakening your spiritual senses. It can be quite empowering.

When your spiritual energy is high, you feel a deep sense of connection to the universe and everything in it. You also feel a greater sense of selflessness and empathy for others. This can make you a better leader, employee, and parent. It can even help you solve problems at work or in your personal life.

Those with spiritual energy feel they can trust the divine, and believe in the possibility of miracles. They can see the invisible, and hear the silent voice of God. This is how Jesus lived and walked, and it’s how you can walk the same way. It’s the only way to experience God and claim all His promises! It clears the karmic baggage, heals imbalances in your biology, and transcends you into a divine human being. It is a truly remarkable, powerful and life-changing experience!


The spirit energy, or Qi, flows through the meridians of the body. When this network is not working properly, causing a lack of balance between Yin and Yang (light and dark energy), health issues arise.

There are fourteen meridians in total. Six run up and down the legs and arms and two go through the center of the body. There are also two meridian channels called Extraordinary Vessels that do not correspond to an organ and are commonly used in acupuncture.

People who describe themselves as spiritual report being more satisfied with their lives and their personal wellbeing than those who do not describe themselves as spiritual. These individuals also report being more optimistic and courageous and are able to forgive more easily. Spiritual Americans are more likely to believe in a higher universal truth and to look beyond their own narrow self-interests toward a life purpose that contributes to the greater good. This is true whether they are religious or not.


Invisible, intangible and amazingly powerful energies connect everything in our universe together. Even those objects you see with your physical eyes that seem solid and unmoving are actually vibrating and resonating at different frequencies!

In spiritual practice and acupuncture, this energy is known as Qi. In yoga it is referred to as Prana or Pneuma and in mystical traditions such as Hindu Vedanta, Buddhism and Judaism, it is known as God.

It can be a wonderful experience to be able to step into your power word and really feel into it. It shifts your vibration and it also shifts the energy of your body, heart and soul.

If you have a problem with someone else’s energy touching yours, it can be helpful to imagine an enormous mirror popping up in front of you and reflects their energy back at them! This is a powerful visualisation and research shows that it works just as well as physically doing it.


Invisible, intangible and amazingly powerful energies connect everything in our universe together. This energy is called by many names depending on religion and belief system – in Chinese philosophy and medicine it’s known as “qi” and in yoga meditation and practice as prana.

The body is also connected to spiritual energy through the meridian system. Meridians are a network of nonphysical channels through which life force energy (also known as chi or qi) flows throughout your physical body. Modalities like acupuncture and acupressure release blockages in the meridians to encourage optimal flow of this energy throughout your body to create balance.

One of the major drains of spiritual energy is negative thoughts and beliefs. Becoming aware of these patterns and prioritizing self-care, setting healthy boundaries and cultivating gratitude can help you maintain a strong and vibrant spiritual energy field that attracts positivity and fulfillment. When divine energy enters a human being it clears karmic baggage, balances imbalances in the biology and transcends the human into a light vessel.