How Does Spiritual Energy Affect You?

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy is a part of your life force that influences you in many ways. People with high spiritual energy typically have a strong sense of interconnectedness and Oneness.

They’re also more likely to act out of compassion, empathy and love rather than self-interest. This kind of energy is invaluable in the workplace, creating better leaders and more motivated employees.

1. It’s a source of power

Spiritual energy is the power within that helps us stay centered and grounded in times of conflict. It allows us to move beyond the egocentric thinking of a personal problem and see the bigger picture.

We can increase our spiritual energy by expressing gratitude and appreciation. It is also important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration and fatigue.

People with high spiritual energy tend to be happier and more fulfilled. They are also more likely to act from a place of alignment rather than a place of fear. In fact, they are more likely to be leaders at work and to make decisions that serve the greater good. They are also more likely to do favors for their friends and coworkers, creating stronger team relationships and a healthier workplace environment.

2. It’s a compass

When you are connected to Spiritual Energy, your perspective of life on Earth transforms. You see your relationships and all of your actions from a higher level of understanding.

When it comes to protecting your spiritual energy, the simplest way to do so is to imagine an invisible cloak that you can pull over yourself when you feel like you need to shield yourself. This is a powerful visualisation technique and you can do it as often as needed.

Another simple visualisation is to imagine filling your subtle bodies with pure spiritual energy. This is a powerful practice that can be done each morning to start your day off on the right foot or as often as you need it to balance yourself. The more that you do this, the stronger your connection to Spiritual Energy becomes.

3. It’s a source of inspiration

Spiritual Energy is your connection to your higher self, humanity, and nature. It is the compass that fuels your other energy pillars and guides your physical, emotional and mental manifestations towards a greater purpose.

Those with this type of energy seem to have an effortless sense of well-being and a genuinely kind, generous attitude that is unattached to any form of status or fame. They also have a deep understanding of the universe and its unifying force.

You can cultivate spiritual energy by focusing on your intuition and creating open space in your day to tune into its guidance. It’s important to listen to your heart and follow its nudges, which will always serve your highest good. This energy also helps you overcome your fears by teaching you to love yourself for who you are.

4. It’s a source of love

Spiritual energy is the most pure form of love and has a close affiliation with your heart. It’s a powerful emotion that expands your consciousness beyond the limits of ego, density, and time.

Those who have this energy feel a palpable goodness, a lack of concern with status and fame, and an openness to nurture others. They also have a transparency between their personal and public lives that sets them apart from those who simply manipulate for personal gain.

Anyone can tap into this energy and experience its benefits. All it takes is an open heart and a willingness to surrender to Source Love. This can be difficult to do but it is possible with persistence and patience. You will be amazed at the results!

5. It’s a source of healing

Spiritual energy is not limited by time or space and can be tapped into by anyone, regardless of religion. However, being spiritual does not inherently make you a good person; think about Adolf Hitler or terrorist suicide bombers, for example.

Many ancient and modern wisdom traditions describe human bioenergies referred to as chi, qi, prana, fohat, orgone, mana, odic force, and homeopathic resonance, which are elusive to measure and whose components can be compared to waves and particles in physics.

Healers often use spiritual energy for healing. Clients and healers both reported outcomes such as positive sensations, increased wellbeing, symptomatic relief of medical complaints and improved relationships. This indicates that connecting with higher sources can change our perspective on life and help us become more loving people.