The Hidden Secret Buried Deep in Wildcraft

I bought the Wildcraft game last year and play it with my grandkids. My family has always enjoyed playing board, dice and card games, whether on camping trips or gathered around the dining table. Much more fun and engaging than watching TV (haven’t had cable for years and the TV is kept in the house only to watch an occasional DVD). I apologize for posting this at such late notice –’s annual sale usually lasts a bit longer and I was planning to post this notice over the weekend. But, with John’s latest email, realized I’d better get this out to you so you’ve got the chance to nab this great deal while it lasts. As usual, there’s some great bonus gifts as well and all for an amazingly low cost.

Here’s John’s letter…


There's a hidden secret buried deep in Wildcraft.

It's like the "Da Vinci Code" for board games. :)

Not many folks know that before Kimberly and I created Wildcraft, I
worked with naturalist and author Jon Young for over a decade.

He is author of "Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature" and
creator of the "Art of Mentoring" workshop series run by premiere
wilderness schools world wide. Jon also founded Wilderness
Awareness School.

The forward of Jon's book was written by Richard Louv, author of
"Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature Deficit

Yes, it's true.

Most kids, and parents for that matter, suffer from NDD.
Nature Deficit Disorder.

This is not some sort of gimmick.

This is real, and it's effecting us on a very deep level.

The book was a national best seller.

So, before we created Wildcraft, I mentored people in nature
connection for over a decade.

Kimberly, who designed the game play and story behind it, has a
masters degree in education and taught in alternative schools
before she studied nature connection techniques with Jon Young.

Kimberly and I intentionally designed this game to help kids (of
all ages) connect with the natural world.

This is my passion and motivation for designing LearningHerbs
in the first place.

In my opinion, it's the most important "cause" in our world today.


Well, our own health all the way up to our food supply depends on a
deep human connection with nature.

It's one thing to learn some facts about plants.

It's another to be inspired to get outside and have personal experiences.

Wildcraft is one of many amazing ideas for kids that folks have
developed since Richard Louv coined the term "Nature Deficit

Many of Jon Young's "Art of Mentoring" techniques, endorsed
by Richard Louv himself, are coded into the Wildcraft game play.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because we have a cool bonus that comes with the Wildcraft board game.

In a one hour interview with Jon Young called "Mentoring Kids &
Nature Connection," Jon Young and I take a look under the hood of
Wildcraft and LearningHerbs, and discuss many ways you can
begin to cultivate nature awareness and connection in your family.

It goes straight to the HEART of our educational strategies.

This mp3 interview includes cutting edge research and ideas that Jon
has recently revealed.

You see, for the kids, Wildcraft is simply fun.

Kids should not FEEL like they are being educated.

Storytelling and play are the oldest forms of human education.

Why? Because they work better than anything else.

As the adult in their life, it's YOUR job to allow them to play,
and why not have fun and learn at the same time? Right?

This interview has been the missing piece in my "Wildcraft
supplementary materials," and I am excited to finally have this
available to you at no extra charge.

I FINALLY can share the secret "Wildcraft Code" with people. :)

*****Now... let's get to the details*****

November 16 at MIDNIGHT, the sale is over.

Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game at nearly 50% off will go away.

Learn while you play with the Wildcraft board game.

Why are we giving so much away for so little?

Well, we're a small family, home business. I mean, really small. A laptop runs most of it.

So, when we have to reprint board games, it costs us...well... a lot. It involves bank loans, yada, yada, yada.

We help you by selling the game nearly at cost.

You help us by making it possible for us to reprint.

It's a win-win!

Once again, here is the list of what we have for you...

* Nearly 50% off the Wildcraft game

* "Winterize Your Kids" herbal health class with Aviva Romm M.D. (mp3)

* 2013 Herbal Wall Calendar (pdf)

* Herb Fairies Book One with recipe cards (pdf)

* Herbal Medicine Chest Chart (located in game)

* Herbal Roots Zine Kids Activity eMagazine (pdf)

* Herbal Gifts: 25 Inspiring Herbal Creations eBook (pdf)

* Mentoring Kids & Nature Connection (mp3), with Jon Young

You get all this for $19.99. ($173 value)

Thanks again for being part of our community.

AND... Happy Holidays!

-John from LearningHerbs

Learn while you play with the Wildcraft board game.

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