What Beliefs Are You Currently Aligned With?

You are a multi-faceted being in that you have many parts or aspects of yourself. If all parts of you work together as a team then you achieve your goals. However, if part of you does not support the goal, that part of the team starts to sabotage what you’re trying to achieve. That’s why it is so important to find out what beliefs you currently have and which are interfering with you achieving what you want in your life’s work. In other words, you need to find out what part(s) of you is not aligned with what you want to achieve.

The following exercise developed by Julie Henderling will help you discover the beliefs responsible for what you are experiencing in your life. While it can be adapted for any area of your life, here we’ll use the example of operating your own business.

Step One – Set Your Intentions

  1. List what is currently happening in your business on a piece of paper
  2. Put a check beside those things which are 100% the way that you want them
  3. Look at the rest and decide which of these it is important to change
  4. Rewrite the negative statements into positive statements reflecting what you want to happen (your new intentions)

Step Two – Read Your Intentions

  1. As you do this ask yourself how you feel about each intention
  2. Place a mark against any that don’t create excitement, enthusiasm and an unquestionable knowing that you will achieve it
  3. Those that you have marked are the ones that you are currently not aligned with or in tune with. Feeling/emotion quickly betrays where we currently stand on any issue.

Step Three – Imagine That You Have Already Achieved Your New Intentions

  1. What beliefs come up as you imagine yourself achieving each target? Can you think of a number of reasons why you cant’ achieve it? These are all beliefs that are preventing you from being aligned with your intentions.
  2. If you had the success that you seek in these areas, would you start to be concerned about what your friends would think? Would you no longer be part of their circle? Is there any issue coming up regarding whether you deserve it or not? These are all beliefs that are preventing you from being aligned with your intentions.
  3. These belief issues are keeping you aligned with the results that you are currently getting.

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