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Rev. Valory Rose has served as an interfaith minister for more than 25 years, is an aromatherapist who works with essential oils both in a clinical capacity and on the psycho-spiritual level, a poet, and a writer with a teaching background.

You can learn more about her work with essential oils at AnaRose Botanicals.

Valory researches, writes and teaches about the interconnected energetic pathways of communication between body, mind, soul and Spirit. Her spiritual ministry facilitates development of self-responsibility  and self-reliance in the individual, strengthening wellness consciousness and one's innate capacity for self-healing. Since everything is interconnected, her personal vision guides her work also with helping individuals build and repair foundational bridges of relationship with family, community and environment.

The quintessential mountain mama, Valory thrives living in the high country and has called Flagstaff, Arizona her home since 1999. She has raised two beautiful daughters whom she is very proud to know as the awesome young women they've become; is an intrepid organic gardener (living at 7000 ft. is a challenging environment for gardening); and has managed to live for 7 years completely off-grid on solar power.

A Deeply Happy Authentic Life   shares some of Valory’s own personal journey.

You can connect with her here.

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