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A website is one of the best ways to market your passion. And Site Build It! or SBI!, is the very best all-in-one web hosting package that I’ve found for marketing it right.

Take your passion and put it online; your passion is your #1 product. You can add other products eventually if you want to, such as affiliate’s products and referral services. Keep in mind however, that what people are most looking for on the internet is information.

The problem with just setting up a website is that if you don't market it correctly it will be just that, a website. There are a lot of web-hosting services out there. You pay a monthly fee and depending on the service you could get website building templates, email, and a few tools to make the site look nice. But as far as marketing goes, you'll be left to figure it out for yourself. No marketing means no money.

What you want to do is set up a web-business. This will consistently earn you revenue and work automatically for you every day, around the clock. You’ll need more than a simple web-hosting service to do this; something that does most of the work for you; that's easy to use and to set up, and that markets the website as much as possible for you as well. Then you'll have not just a website, but a web-business that makes you money from doing something that you love.

It can be difficult to start a web-business, unless you have the right resources. Yes, there will be work involved, but it will be a labor of love because you'll be doing what you want to do. And when the payments start to roll in you'll have even more satisfaction and freedom.

What is SBI!?

The best all-in-one, simple step-by-step, web-hosting, web-business service that is perfect for whatever your passion may be is SBI! (formerly, Site Build It!) over-delivers by providing more than you need to start, run and maintain a profitable, thriving web-business that continues to grow consistently.

Site Build It! is the creation of Ken Evoy – an entrepreneur who became frustrated with the fact that actual site building was over the heads of many people. The technical aspects of site building tend to distract and overwhelm many people. There’s so much to learn – HTML, CSS, RSS, keyword research, linking, how to get noticed by the search engines, etc

Dr. Evoy decided to solve the frustration by putting together a system that would take care of many of the technical aspects of site building, and allow people to focus on their passion and their message. You may have heard it said before that “content is king”. By this, they mean that Google and other search engines feed off of good, solid content. Why? You and I, along with millions of other people, use Google daily to find out what we want to know. In fact, “Googling” has now become a verb!

SBI!’s huge advantage is that it takes you by the hand and teaches you how to build traffic, get links, get noticed by the search engines, and a host of other things – all the while performing the “behind the scenes” technical activities – so you don’t have to.

It’s now possible for an “average” person to build their own site. Site Build It!, gives clear direction in the form of

  • a well-written, step-by-step action guide
  • friendly, success-focused forums
  • encouragement and guidance
  • coaching is available for those who want it

Staying focused is perhaps one of the most difficult actions for many of us. SBI! helps you focus on what will bring you success – getting your content out there (owning your own internet “real estate”) and driving traffic to your site.

SBI! - Why Use It?

The #1 reason for online business failure is a lack of traffic to a website. Without traffic, a site will die – even if it has great content. SBI! teaches you step by step how to gain and keep traffic – and how to build it to a snowball momentum effect.

If you’re new to the online business world, or if you have tried before and failed, or if you are frustrated trying to figure out how to drive traffic and actually earn money from your site, then Site Build It is the way to go.

If you don’t know any HTML or CSS, SBI will help you get a site up and running with a simple block-by-block builder. If you already know how to use the technical web building tools, SBI! will still work for you – saving you a lot of time and trouble.

SiteSell Learning Options

Sitesell is coming out with more and higher levels of support all the time. Since I began my first site in 2007, SBI! has added several additional options that are extremely helpful to shorten your learning curve even further.

Sitesell Coaching will either do some site work FOR you, or you can hire a coach to SHOW YOU how to do it yourself.

Some people learn better by having the requirement of attending a class, and having the accountability of an instructor’s assignments and the interaction of classmates to further motivate them. This is where SBI! e-learning comes into action! This new offering features a live instructor with weekly online classes to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.

Imagine, having your very own website up and running successfully within 12 weeks! Having access to your own personal instructor is also quite valuable. This is an actual college level course that has been offered in numerous universities. It has been field tested and it works. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you can learn right from the comfort of your own home.

Everything You Need to Build an Income-Generating Website is Included With SBI!

Solo Build It! includes numerous tools and features that you might expect to pay thousands of dollars for if purchased separately. Here is just a sampling of what you get with your subscription:

  • domain name registration
  • web site hosting
  • easy page creation
  • customizable “look and feel” templates
  • traffic statistics
  • market research
  • graphic manager
  • ezine manager and auto-responder capabilities
  • search engine optimization
  • blogging
  • RSS feeds
  • form builder (for contact forms, etc)
  • web site web mail
  • sitemaps
  • content management
  • active forums for each action step
  • and much, much more.

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