How Rudy got rid of his gallstones

I am posting my story of how I rid my body of gallstones without surgery at the request of my friend Valory. I am very happy to have met her recently and am honored to share my experience here.

In May of this year (2009), I visited the emergency room with pain in my stomach and side. The ultrasound concluded that I had gallstones. A follow up visit with my doctor only offered me the advice of having the gallbladder removed. Actually, according to the doctor, this was my only choice!

As we all know, there is always more than one way to solve any problem, and this is no exception. I told him that I wanted to use an alternative method to get rid of the stones. This was his reply:

“Well, you can do what you want, but you can get an infection and you could DIE.”

I kid you not; this is what he said to me. Well, I was doing a lot of research on the internet and found many treatments to flush the gallstones out. “You can keep your gallbladder,” they said. There were also a lot of testimonials confirming the passing of the stones. My wife also conducted extensive research on the net and came up with a treatment to follow to soften and break down the stones, then flush them out.

I followed this treatment for about three weeks and on June 14th, 2009 , I commenced the flushing of the stones. Well, just as I had read online, I am living proof that the treatment works. Yes, I passed about 100 stones and it wasn’t painful at all. They varied in size from that of a cherry tomato to shotgun pellets.

I conducted a second flush about two weeks later and flushed out another 50 stones. At this time ( July 13th, 2009 ) I haven’t conducted a third flush, but plan to in the near future. I believe that I need to do one more to be sure that all the stones have been cleared out.

Now, I will explain the method I used to get rid of my gallstones.

Well, basically, I watched what I ate and took several supplements to help soften and break down the stones prior to the flush.

I avoided fatty, greasy foods and dairy – mainly. I ate a lot of carrots. It is said that in the treatment of disease, it is important to alkalinize the body, and carrot juice has been demonstrated to rapidly achieve this objective through cleansing of the liver and improving the quality of the blood.

I also ate a lot of apples and drank apple juice. The malic acid in the apples helps soften gallstones. Remember that old adage; “An apple a day?”

I was also taking these supplements at the same time:

1. Gallbladder Support Formula (Li Dan Pian) – This I purchased at a Chinese supermarket. It contains the Chinese herb Lysimachiae (AKA Gold Coin Grass), which helps soften the gallstones. It also contains a few other herbs that possess antibiotic and anti-inflammatory qualities. I took 4 tablets, 3 times a day.

2. Peppermint oil pills – This helps dissolve and break down stones. I took 1 tablet, 3 times a day.

3. Dandelion root – This helps support the liver. The liver works in conjunction with the gallbladder. I took 2 tablets, once a day.

4. Milk Thistle – This is a liver and blood cleanser. I took 1 tablet, once a day.

After following this regimen for 3 weeks, I was ready for my flush. The 10 or so hours prior to the flush, I barely ate anything (just an apple) and drank liquids; mostly apple juice.

Before I went to bed (and they suggest you do the flush just before going to sleep), I drank ½ cup of olive oil and ½ cup of lemon juice. It is suggested that you drink the olive oil first followed by the lemon juice. If you cannot consume the entire amount in one shot, you can drink it in smaller quantities every fifteen minutes.

I drank half of each within a couple of minutes and then drank the other halves about 5 minutes later. If you feel nauseous, have some salt readily available and put a dab on your tongue. This should help take that feeling away. It helped me.

The olive oil will help lubricate your duct and allow easier passage for the gallstones. The lemon juice helps constrict the gallbladder, thus forcing the stones out.

I then went to bed, lying on my right side with my hips slightly elevated. This will help keep the olive oil and lemon juice in the gallbladder. After that, it’s just a waiting game, until you feel the urge to purge. (They come out with the fecal matter)

There was no pain associated with the passing of the stones. The greatest discomfort for me was staying in that awkward position in bed for a prolonged period of time. There are different lengths of time suggested to lay on your side from half an hour to 4 hours. I would just suggest doing it as long as you can. After my initial bowel movement, I went back to bed and laid on my right side again.

You will probably not see any stones in your first bowel movement. The second and third movements are usually the greatest with regard to stone amounts. By the fourth movement there are almost no stones (this was my experience). Since this is being done just before you go to bed, you will probably not eat. I would suggest to only drink liquids during this time and would recommend apple juice (organic and NOT from concentrate, if possible). After the process is over, you may eat something light.

It is also suggested to perform an enema before starting the flush. I would say that this is optional and did not do one myself; still achieving good results.

If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact me by email at I may have to ask my wife for the answers since she is more knowledgeable in this area than me. Feel free to pass this along to someone you know who may be suffering from this same affliction.

Thank you for reading this and I wish you a healthy future!


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