Research on Effects of Micro Wave (EMF) Pollution on Racing Pigeons

by Rae Lewis
(Ontario, Canada)

I live in Ontario Canada. We have a residence and pigeon loft within twenty rod of two cell towers. I am sure these towers are causing micro wave pollution. In racing these pigeons I feel they are being dramatically affected. There are about five generations of these birds raised at this location. I do believe that some research could be valuable to mankind based on standards and affects.

Do you know any research body having interest or has current info? Please understand that is possible that another cell tower will be built on this property as well. Telus has a contract to construct.

Based on racing pigeons I personally am drawn to some conclusions. Please understand I am NOT a research scientist and can only comment on my findings.

1) I believe it is possible that through five generations of breeding birds subjected to EMF hatching rates are in decline. Eggs are being produced however I question egg fertility, and egg development

2) Birds can be subjected to stress through EMF and stress leads to health issues in most cases. The effects of stress and related health goes well beyond pigeons as being animals

3) EMF can possibly affect the pigeons ability to home. It seems apparent their natural instinct is all but lost. However the birds will try to adapt if methods surrounding husbandry are modified.

4) New equipment was replaced on the cell tower about a month ago. I know birds are being affected more now and other birds beyond pigeons could well be affected.

5) I just did a test today on a pigeon and exposed it to EMF at a close distance.. Immediately the bird responded frantically. I believe it is possible that the birds heart rate nearly doubled in less than a minute.

Current standards of measurement are based on the heating of specific size of tissue for a set period and measured as a temperature change. I feel this might not be the best way of testing for any set standard surrounding EMF exposure. It is possible that measuring this way could be part of a test procedure but in no way conclusive on its own merit.

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