How to Realign with Your New Intentions

You need to realign with your new intentions in such a way that they become second nature, even if you are not consciously focused on them all the time. This is done by literally deprogramming your subconscious mind and then rewriting or installing new programs in their place. Joe Dispenza explains the mechanics of this process in the following short video.

Change requires becoming aware, then deciding how you no longer want to be. It's all about expansion, breaking the habit of your old self and reinventing a new self. This decision to no longer think, act or feel in predictable ways requires pruning synaptic connections and sprouting new ones. It requires un-memorizing emotional states that have become part of our personality, and reconditioning our body to new emotions and a new mind.

Neuroscience has identified three brains that allow us to go from thinking to doing to being. The thinking brain is the neocortex. The second is the limbic or emotional brain. When we modify behavior, we teach the body emotionally what was intellectually understood. Then we attain embodied knowledge.

When we repeat embodied knowledge over and over again, the body comes to know as well as the brain. We move into a state of being. We activate a third brain, the memory center called the cerebellum, the seat of our subconscious mind. We have practiced so many times, we no longer have to think about it. This is the process of lasting transformation that goes from thinking to doing to being. ~ Source  (page no longer available)

There are many methods people have used to accomplish a realignment process of deprogramming/reprogramming the subconscious mind. The effectiveness of any one method generally depends on it being a good fit for you personally. Here are a few of the more common methods:

1) Using affirmations - stating out loud your new intentions. This will need to be done repeatedly on a daily basis. The challenge with this method used on its own is in staying with it long enough to produce a change in your beliefs. Nevertheless, this has worked for countless people over the years. This method will be explored in a forthcoming separate essay as there are some techniques that can be used to greatly energize this method. However, remember to include the feeling or emotional body in this process. As explained in the video, this is the actual mechanics of installation and is necessary for the success of any of these methods.

2) Writing out your new intentions twenty times per day for twenty one days. This has been shown to integrate the new thought pattern into your subconscious. (Use a pen and paper to write them out rather than typing them using a keyboard - this physical syncing of hand-brain activity anchors the pattern) Once again the challenge is in finishing the entire 21 days needed to produce a change in your belief system.

3) Focusing on reading and listening to material that supports your new intentions and temporarily avoiding anything and anyone that projects negative, limiting influences on your life. Your current belief system and subsequent alignments are the result of all the influences in your life to date. Your beliefs are a composite of what you have learned about your world from your caregivers while growing up, from events that have happened in your life colored by the judgements and conclusions you've made regarding them, and from various other input sources such as the media and general social conditioning. To change your beliefs, you need to overwhelm your current 'faulty' worldview by subjecting yourself to empowering influences that present a new, upgraded paradigm. Though this requires a large degree of dedication, it is possible.

I recently watched a video posted to Facebook by a woman named Diane Hochman who used this very technique to lose 100 lbs and to pay off $40K in debt! Pretty amazing. In the video, Diane tells us how she bought self-help and empowering audio programs and listened to them every chance she could – if she was doing housework, driving in her car or essentially doing anything in which she could tune out the world and plug in to her inner reality, she did.

Hay House offers some great resources for this. Here are some of my favorite audio programs, many of which are offered by Hay House, otherwise, you can get them at

  • Just about anything by Dr, Wayne Dyer including The Secrets of The Power of Intention or his lastest – Excuses Be Gone.
  • The Key by Joe Vitale
  • The Illusion of Limitation: The Liberation of Self by Guy Henley
  • The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide by Rick Jarrow
  • The Wisdom of Your Cells by Dr. Bruce Lipton

4) Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. EFT is a form of mind-body psychology used to effect changes in people’s emotional and subconscious belief patterns. Gary Craig, EFT Founder, created World Center for EFT so you can learn the basics of this simple technique and begin practicing it on yourself very quickly. This website will give you everything you need to get started.

5) Psych K is another very effective energy alignment technique. This is a much more involved process than the EFT basics and requires more in-depth training to facilitate changes effectively. I’ve been a certified Psych K facilitator for 6 years and can attest to the effectiveness of this powerful technique.

The ‘secret to life’ is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K is a simple, self-empowering process to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.

— Bruce Lipton, Ph.D Cellular Biologist,
author of 'Biology of Belief'

Two Helpful Resources

A couple of resources that can facilitate your ability to realign to your new intentions:

Brain Sync - Kelly Howell has created an entire series of effective Brainwave Entrainment Therapy Programs. I love that I have the option of downloading them as mp3’s and loading right into ITunes and my IPod. I’ve been using her programs for about 3 years now and never get tired of them. There’s an extensive library of offerings. Some are guided meditations and some are music with subliminal messages. All are designed to entrain your brain waves in sync with either theta wave levels or other states depending on the desired results.

Subliminal messages are woven with theta waves to induce states of deep relaxation; here your subconscious mind is most receptive to change. Theta has been identified as the ideal state for learning, and unlearning.

Vision Boards - Maybe you've heard of or even used them. If you're a visually oriented person, you may find this tool quite helpful. I've been making my own vision boards and creating various collage pieces for years. This is yet another creative playground for me to play in. How does it work?

At each moment in time, you either move closer to or further away from your goals. You either feel positively aligned emotions and therefore send out an energetic vibrational match to your desires, or you feel negatively aligned emotions and you therefore send out an energetic match that will move you away from your desires.

It is YOUR choice in which direction you move, because you can make an effort to manage your emotions. You may not choose what happens to you, but you can still choose how you respond to it. So it is crucial that you consciously work on managing your personal energy in a systematic way, every day as much as possible. Using a Vision Board is a great way of keeping aligned focus on your life vision. In a forthcoming essay I'll be showing you affirmation techniques you can use with a vision board to enhance the effects of both methods together.

An Additional Method You Can Use

6) I’ve saved this one for last because it’s a somewhat different technique than the others. Developed by Robert Scheinfeld, the technique he teaches and refers to as simply “The Process” actually requires a complete paradigm shift in perspective to fully grasp its power and life-changing potential. The Process can be applied to every area of your life to effect needed programming changes. You can read about a time that I used this technique in my article Toxic Relationships, The Process and Peppermint Patty, Oh My!  to get a sense of its power.

Should you wish to explore the process further, a good and inexpensive place to start is by ordering Scheinfeld's latest book.

Busting Loose From the Business Game: Mind-Blowing Strategies for Recreating Yourself, Your Team, Your Business, and Everything in Between

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