I'll See You on the Outside

You’ve served your time
paid your dues
So dry the tears of your inner child
precious and wild

Tears shed as you toiled away
day after day after day
your soul clinging to the edge
of sanity

Nothing is what it seems
Dream your life
then paint your dreams
If not now then when?

The excuse factory has closed its doors
Excuse making has been outsourced
It’s no longer your job or duty
Now you get to become the beauty
you love, the change
you wish to see

Live outside the box
Draw outside the lines
Come outside to play
Laugh out loud today

Sing your songs
unsung since childhood
Dance because you must
Play because you trust
that Life supports you
and all you do

Bust out the walls
Blow off the lids
The boxes of your life
can no longer contain you
You’ve outgrown their dimensions

Climb the ladder
escape the cube
Throw down a few ladders
for others to use
for their own escape
And then peruse
the landscape of freedom
Breathe the sweet air
of fresh opportunity

Create the work you love to do
Do the work that feeds your soul
Dream your life
Live your dream...
I’ll see you on the outside

~ Valory Ana Rose
Spring 2009

A few months after quitting my final corporate accounting position, the thick fog of worker bee social programming began clearing from my head ~ I could once again hear my soul whisperings…and this poem came to live in my heart.

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