Living Outside the Box

Your authentic life organically unfolds when you begin thinking, working and living outside the box.

The work cubicle box, various boxes of limited perception, the boxes of family and social expectations ~ what boxes are you climbing out of?

World paradigms are changing at the speed of thought. How we think and feel about our world helps frame these changes. With open minds and expanded perceptions we can begin living outside the many boxes of limited thinking and scarcity consciousness and enter a world of pure potential and unlimited possibility.

Here are a collection of poems and musings I wrote in 2009 as my own personal paradigms were upgrading. Perhaps you'll find them useful, amusing...

I'll See You On the Outside

Living an Abundant Life is a State of Mind

The Little Green-haired Indian

Inspired Leadership

Playing in the Field of Plenty

Toxic Relationships, The Process and Peppermint Patty, Oh My!

The Energy of Balanced Relationship

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