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This page lists self-help and education health and wellness support and online whole, raw and Living Foods sources. If you know of a good source or resource to include on this page, send me an email with the name, web address and a short explanation of the resource. I’ll look into it promptly for inclusion on this page.

Note: I do affiliate with some, though not all, resources listed on this page. You can choose to purchase directly through their company websites rather than through this website - the cost to you is the same either way. :)

Cure Zone
Alternative medical forums, blogs and FAQs - an exhaustive site, so luckily, it contains a great search feature you'll find very helpful.

Dr. Mercola
e-Healthy News You Can Use
One of the most empowering action steps you can take right now is to subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s free newsletter, e-Healthy News You Can Use. This is perhaps my favorite source for accurate health and wellness news. I trust his information knowing it is not tainted by corporate pandering.

Visit the home page of his website to view a short (about 6 minutes) video that will give you some idea of the integrity this man embodies. You’ll also find empowering articles and some of the best health and wellness products you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

Earth Clinic
An extensive library of home folk remedies tested and developed by contributing readers from around the world, since 1999. “Dozens of restorative remedies, plus natural cures for cancer, fibromyalgia, back pain and better than 350 other diseases and conditions!”

Educate Yourself
This free educational forum edited by Ken Adachi is “ dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions.”

Dr. Len Horowitz's Healthy World Store
Healthy World
This is one of Dr. Len Horowitz’s websites. It sources some of the most advanced health care products in the natural healing industry. Especially significant are the biospiritual technologies offered which operate using the body’s own subtle energies. You’ll find health and dietary recommendations to help you take personal responsibility for your health choices. Many of these natural healing alternatives are recommended by leading natural healers and pioneering doctors rather than the use of toxic and expensive drugs to prompt optimal wellness in patients.

Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Rose
Bulk organic herbs, teas and other bulk ingredients. I recommend this extensive line of therapeutic grade essential oils for your single oil choices. This is also the source for all of my bulk herbs, herb seeds, tinctures if I can't make them myself and the natural ingredients to prepare my own personal care products. I love this company! Everything about them - from their company vision, top-quality product line at very reasonable prices, to their customer service and community service - all radiate integrity. They donate generously to their chosen causes which is a key point for me personally.

Natural News
This excellent site is part of a non-profit collection of public education websites known as the NaturalNews Network, which “covers topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism.” Mike Adams, also known as The Health Ranger, is one of its principle writers. The site has an extensive library of thousands of articles and offers dozens of reports and guides available as free downloads.

Where There Is No Doctor ~ A Village Health Care Handbook
Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook

This is an invaluable reference guide for the self-reliant healer. It was written primarily for rural populations without medical facilities; in places where there is no doctor. However, for those of us who take self-responsibility for our own informed health care, this handbook is a must have in every home regardless of location – rural homestead or urban jungle. The guide is a work in progress open to revisions. The ebook copy I have here was published in 2010 and is given as a free PDF download.

An excerpt from the introduction explains its premise:

“So this book is for everyone who cares. It has been written in the belief that:

1. Health care is not only everyone’s right, but everyone’s responsibility.
2. Informed self-care should be the main goal of any health program or activity.
3. Ordinary people provided with clear, simple information can prevent and treat most common health problems in their own homes—earlier, cheaper, and often better than can doctors.
4. Medical knowledge should not be the guarded secret of a select few, but should be freely shared by everyone.
5. People with little formal education can be trusted as much as those with a lot. And they are just as smart.
6. Basic health care should not be delivered, but encouraged.

Clearly, a part of informed self-care is knowing one’s own limits. Therefore guidelines are included not only for what to do, but for when to seek help. The book points out those cases when it is important to see or get advice from a health worker or doctor. But because doctors or health workers are not always nearby, the book also suggests what to do in the meantime — even for very serious problems. ”

You can also purchase reasonably priced print copies from Amazon at Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook.

The Whole Food Farmacy
Whole Food
This site offers pure, nutrient-dense, ready-to-eat, whole food meals, snacks, soups, smoothie mixes and treats for the children. All foods are vegetarian, most are raw and vegan as well. You can find many gluten-free and nut-free whole foods to choose from for those with food sensitivities. The prices are very good and you can even buy complete 7 & 13 Day Programs. These offer you complete all-inclusive natural whole food meals and everything else you need for either a 1 or 2 week program. It’s is a wonderful way to properly cleanse and hydrate your body. This site also offers a nice library of nutrition and wellness articles.

I’ll add more living foods sources and health and wellness resources as time permits. Please feel free to send me your suggestions.

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