Anchoring Your Life Calling

Anchoring Your Life Calling is a powerful 5 Step exercise based on Julie Henderling’s work. Use this technique to identify those activities that most engage your deep happiness.

Step 1. Close your eyes and take some long deep breaths. Feel the energy dropping down, down, further down, deep into the earth. Move to Step 2 only when you feel peaceful and grounded.

Step 2. Read each numbered statement below (1 to 50). Close your eyes and breathe into the statement. If it resonates as something you absolutely came here to do, immediately write down the corresponding number. Do not analyze or reconsider – just read the words and go with your first gut instinct.

Step 3. Now go back over the list and write out every statement whose number you chose (you may have just a few or quite a lot of statements).

Step 4. From your new written list, repeat Step 2. Read the statement and this time circle the 5 statements which most resonate with you.

Step 5. From your top 5, choose the one which most sings to your soul. Do this by closing your eyes and connecting to your center. Your right brain and intuition will guide you and your role is to trust in your intuitive hit rather than try to analyze or solve with the left brain. Trust, surrender and choose now.


  1. Writing Things
  2. Inspiring Others
  3. Healing Wounds
  4. Opening Doors
  5. Empowering Others
  6. Advancing Ideas
  7. Making Things Work
  8. Making Connections
  9. Seeing Possibilities
  10. Helping Overcome Obstacles
  11. Moving Through Space
  12. Researching Things
  13. Bringing Out Potential
  14. Creating Trust
  15. Designing Things
  16. Solving Problems
  17. Seeing the Big Picture
  18. Investigating Things
  19. Creating Things
  20. Growing Things
  21. Bringing Joy
  22. Exploring the Way
  23. Breaking Molds
  24. Composing Themes
  25. Discovering Resources
  26. Facilitating Change
  27. Starting Things
  28. Building Things
  29. Analyzing Things
  30. Translating Things
  31. Straightening Things Up
  32. Building Relationships
  33. Fixing Things
  34. Resolving Disputes
  35. Persuading People
  36. Putting the Pieces Together
  37. Instructing People
  38. Processing Things
  39. Managing Things
  40. Shaping Environments
  41. Creating Dialogue
  42. Selling Intangibles
  43. Getting Things Right
  44. Bringing Humor
  45. Expressing Self
  46. Awakening Spirit
  47. Transforming Situations
  48. Doing the Numbers
  49. Gaining Participation
  50. Organizing Things

What you have just identified is your Main Life Calling along with four supporting areas through which you will best express your unique self.

Your Calling doesn’t map out the exact nature of the work or activity you will do. It speaks to a deeper truth, a deeper part of the self. Anchoring your Life Calling allows you to then become fully open to all of the possibilities for expressing it. You will begin to look at all opportunities and choices through the “lens” of your Calling and you will know clearly if a path or choice honors this inner drive to express your unique self in the world.

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