The Integral LEAP

The Great Leap of Faith
It’s yours - Take it!!
Leap like a lunatic,
Over the chasm below,
Erupting as you go,
Your true self awaits you,
Now, you will know.
- Jane Evershed

What excites you silly? Do you live with passion? Are your inspired thoughts, words and actions infused with Joie de vivre? Not so much? Then let me ask you this... What’s keeping you from living your authentic life now?

“Tell me what will you do with your…wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver

What is an ‘authentic life’? When the patterns of your thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, actions and beliefs are aligned with your core values, you are living with full authenticity. When all aspects of who you are operate in coherent alignment, no one aspect sabotages the integrity of the whole.

Life Energy Alignment Practice, or LEAP, is the practice of living authentically.

Everything in this universe, our lives included, consists of patterns of energy. Energetic (resonance) patterns are the blueprints from which the physical is made manifest. If our lives are built from chaotic patterns and incoherency, this scatters our personal energies; diffusing and dissipating them. The results are self-evident.

However, we can become aware of our energetic patterns and when appropriate, re-pattern them to align with core values. This quality of personal integrity then flows with the aligned energy of ‘Authentic Self.’

Alignment releases blockage thus creating ‘flow’. An authentic life has access to tremendous energy that’s made available by living in alignment with personal integrity. Great things can be accomplished including self-healing, increased well-being, prosperity, and more harmonious relationships with others and environments.

Make the LEAP that changes your life!

As a former teacher and child development educator, early training and experience taught me the immense value of empowerment; the more personal power we hold, the greater our capacity for self-determination.

Some say that knowledge is power. Rather, it’s the use of knowledge that is empowering. And knowledge and power require an acceptance of personal responsibility. Sometimes we give away our personal power to others. We do this when we’re unwilling to accept full responsibility for our choices, actions, health, and lives. Accepting responsibility for whatever happens to be our ‘reality’ right now is the empowering first step toward living an authentic life and LEAP.

This website facilitates self-empowerment primarily through self-responsibility. Our ability to heal ourselves and to maintain well-being is paramount to enjoying this biospiritual experience we call “life” - spiritual beings experiencing physical life by way of the body-temple. The concepts and resources gathered within these pages help you reclaim control and responsibility for your health and well-being.

Beauty is the Transformer

I’ve been an interfaith spiritual minister for more than 25 years. My ministry and personal path-work focus on strengthening the core values of hope, peace, empowerment and beauty in the world. I’ll be writing more on this subject in later articles. For now, I'll give you a poem:

Without hope
There is despair
Without peace
Without empowerment
Enslavements persist

Beauty is the transformer
Perceiving beauty
We’re inspired by hope
Envision peace
Empowered to move beyond limited perceptions
We see where profound possibilities exist.

Although spiritual ministry can take place within a bricks-and-mortar ‘House of God’, its greater work happens within the temples of our souls.

The ancient Essene masters viewed the human body as a convergence point through which the forces of creation join to express the Divine Will. For this reason, they regarded our body as a sacred place; a temple for our soul.

It is within our body-temple that the forces of the cosmos unite as an expression of time, space, spirit and matter. More precisely, it is within the experience of time and space that spirit works through matter to find the fullest expressions honoring life.

~The Issaiah Effect by Gregg Braden

What is your fullest expression honoring life? What values do you align with at the deepest level of your being? Whatever the focus of your path-work, I assure you resources are available to help. Many are detailed on this website as allies for biospiritual healing. Others help with general path-work.

Let’s take a moment to clarify the term, path-work: I use it here to describe a journey of sorts because it’s a fun and useful metaphor to play with; it engages our imaginations. This is not however, an indication that we have anything to “work on” or to “work through” or that there is inherently something “wrong” with us that must be “fixed.”

Endless processing, fixing, and working on ourselves – most of us have done enough of this to last several lifetimes. I’ve heard this called “The Disease of Self-Improvement” – the false notion that somehow we’re “deficient” and in order to be happy and successful we have to “improve” ourselves. This belief is a set-up as it perpetuates the idea that something is wrong with us in the first place. And it’s promulgated by society and the media ad nauseum.

What if we take a different approach to living our lives? Try this - lighten up! After all, we’re infinite consciousness embodied in physical form. Did we really come here to haul around great big luggage bags of toil and trouble?

Life Energy Alignment Practice is just that – practice; playing with light-hearted experiments and ways of being. It’s gathering up all the parts of ourselves and singing over the bones. Gently we integrate, acknowledge and accept, all of our parts becoming the aligned, authentic entirety of who we are.

Do you seek clarity in your life?

Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns of relationships, experiences, behaviors again and again?

Are you ready to end self-destructive or non-productive patterns - and start aligning your life to what matters most to you?

Whether you’re on a biospiritual healing journey or an Integral LEAP grail-quest for Authentic Self, I invite you to explore a series of articles I've written that could help you with your travels.

Begin by reading an article that shares some of my own personal journey and how I made the LEAP into a

Deeply Happy Authentic Life.

Then explore the profound possibilities of living an authentic life.

As a holistic, biospiritual practice, it’s an enjoyable, affirming, and yes, playful life well-lived.

When you realize that you do have options and resources available, that alone can open doors to new ways of thinking and being.

May Your Life Be Filled
With Joyful Abandon
and Deeply Happy Days!

Rev. Valory Ana Rose CCA

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And remember, when you take that LEAP...

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