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Integral LEAP resources to help you play with passion and on purpose:

Anti-Career Guide and The Alchemy of Abundance
Author and practicing alternative career counselor, Rick Jarow asks this: “Are you able to be who you are in your work without veiling your authenticity in order to survive in the workplace?” As you align with your core values, your Integral LEAP becomes an expression of that which is your passion, purpose and place in this world. Pick up a copy of Rick’s Creating the Work You Love and read it cover to cover; then read it again. Explore his CD set The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide: Your Life’s Work. I cannot recommend this guy highly enough. These two works alone are transformative.

I’ve been a charter member of Artellaland since Marney Makridakis first created this exquisite website a few years ago. I’ve watched it evolve over time into a fantastic wonderland of creativity, inspiration, support and education. Marney’s gentle, generous spirit infuses every page with warmth and life. It’s a great example of what can happen when you combine passion and purpose with playfulness. This is an extensive website and takes some time to explore so you’ll want to bookmark it and return often. The latest evolutionary development of this site is based upon the theme of boarding a luxury cruise liner, or Member Ship - destination, Artellaland. Fun stuff. There are many cabins in this cruise ship; each cabin focuses on a different creative endeavor. Of particular interest here is the art journal cabin which offers a monthly art journal publication, journaling pages, and journal picture prompts. There’s so much more to this site than I have room to write about here, so give yourself a treat and explore Artellaland.

BioSpiritual Focusing

Focusing is a gentle and powerful process of awareness developed by Eugene Gendlin. It’s a special way of paying attention to yourself, so that you sense all aspects of the way you are feeling about situations or issues in your life. It is a way of tuning in to your body’s felt senses and innate ‘knowingness.’ This is done without judgment but with an attitude of open curiosity – “What might I discover?” “What does my body want me to know right now?” “What requests my attention?”

This process operates at a level that’s different from just having emotions or just getting in touch with feelings. Focusing involves having a different kind of relationship with one’s emotions and feelings. The result is greater calm, wiser choices, and a deeper sense of connection to your own life and being. I find it an invaluable tool for surfacing the hidden parts of ourselves; those parts seeking to be heard. It’s best done with a ‘companion’. However, it can be done solo. I often combine it with journaling.

Body Links
Edwin McMahon and Peter Campbell are developing this website as a resource for focusers. It’s extensive and with more still to come. Reading the pages is something of a gentle, meandering stroll through a landscape of interconnectedness. It will give you a general sense for Focusing.

Focusing Resources
This is a good site to go to if you decide you’d like to attend a workshop or teleconference and learn focusing techniques. Ann Weiser Cornell is one of the leading Focusing teachers in the world. She’s taught Focusing since 1989 and has written several books on this practice. Her latest book is The Radical Acceptance of Everything. Ann is the editor and publisher of The Focusing Connection newsletter. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area where she offers classes and workshops through her organization, Focusing Resources.

Cosmic Cowgirls Ink and the Rodeo of the Soul
I discovered Shiloh McCloud’s inspiring line of journals, The Color of Women, in 2007. These journals are blessed sanctuaries – creative spaces that invite exploration, expression and evolution of your own personal herstory. My first journal was entitled, Her Evolution - A Woman’s Workbook for Personal Transformation. This journal explores the healing path, creativity as spiritual practice, self-honor and self-acceptance and more. It has over 30 illustrations of inspiring woman to color, about 90 blank pages and several pages of Shiloh’s own wisdom and creative inspiration. All is printed on thick, creamy cardstock that accommodates pens, pencils, watercolor and acrylic paints. It’s a fun playground I like to romp around in using all sorts of mixed media including collage. I found these journals so fun and playful I got curious and checked out the website listed in the books. CCI was just in the beginning stages of formation. But before year end I became an owner/member and indeed, a card-carrying cosmic cowgirl myself. I find the combination of playfulness, inspiration and soulfulness embodied in this fledgling enterprise irresistible. To my knowledge, no other company has ever been structured in quite the way as this little solely women and girl-owned independent media publishing house has been designed; it’s pioneering, trail-blazing, and well, cosmic cowgirlish. The various member-owners decide on which new creative projects will be brought forth and have opportunities to contribute to them by way of written, artistic, editorial, administrative contributions. The journals are all theme-based and there are journals for many of the issues we move through during our lifetimes. Currently in the works are a teen girls rights of passage journal, a pregnancy journal and various workbooks you can use while traveling through a personal healing journey. You can learn more about Cosmic Cowgirls Ink and these inspiring journals by going to the website or you can contact me directly.

Jane Evershed Art Collection
Jane is one of my all-time favorite artists! You’ll find images of some of her fantastic artwork sprinkled throughout this BioSpiritual Healing site thanks to her generous spirit and my never-ending fascination and admiration of her artistic vision. Artist, Poet, Activist and Public Speaker – Jane uses her amazing artistic gifts to embody a passionate personal philosophy. Visit her site often for a visual treat, expand your mind and feed your soul.

Site Build It!
As you align with your core values, clue in to your life’s passion and purpose and decide to use your time doing what you love to do – you may discover that an online business or presence will best express who you are in this world. If you are even thinking about developing a web site of your own, you owe it to yourself to check out this web hosting company. Hands down, this is the crème de la crème of the trade. SBI delivers everything you need in one very affordable package. It does not just take your money and leave you hanging on the edge of the cliff wondering when those wings are ever going to sprout from between your shoulder blades. Instead, this company takes you by the hand and guides you – comfortably and with gentle humor - through every step of the way…and never stops. It offers a proven method with an unbeatable track record of success. Plus, every single tool you will need to build, manage, maintain and promote your website and your web business is included. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced webmaster is irrelevant. SBI assumes you know nothing about building an online business, yet offers every tool an advanced webmaster would expect. SBI promises a lot…and delivers even more.

Author and psychotherapist, Seena B. Frost developed an intuitive collage process for individuals and groups called SoulCollage. The seeds of this process originated in a program led by Jean Houston from 1987 to 1989 during a time when Ms. Frost was immersed in world myths, archetypal psychology and various spiritual practices. This is a multi-level, creative process in which you intuitively surface the various ‘parts’ of you – conscious and less consciously known – and express them in a card deck of personally meaningful collages. You then ‘consult’ these cards, learn to recognize the archetypes activated in your life and explore transforming possibilities. This fun process is especially useful for surfacing the aspects of yourself clamoring to be heard though perhaps are generally ignored or unacknowledged.

Vision Boards
This is vision board software for your computer. Normally, I steer clear of this type of thing, as I’m very much a hands-on, processor. When it comes to vision boards, I love the entire process of sifting through images in a free-floating association state of mind, scissors and glue in hand, I cut, paste and arrange images reflecting some aspect of myself that has bubbled to the surface of my conscious mind, or that I’m deliberately choosing to create in my life according to a vision statement. However, I LOVE this particular software. For me, it’s not a replacement for manual collaging. Rather, it’s a wonderful addition that reinforces the groundwork I’ve already laid down. And it’s multi-medium. Not only can you add your favorite music to your work, you can download the finished board to your ipod, upload it to you-tube, print it out onto a poster and more. It’s great fun to play with even as it’s channeling your creative energies in the direction you wish flow. I tend to work more with trajectories than with goals as such…something about remaining fluid though always moving in a forward motion. The beauty of this software is that it’s very adaptable to different needs and various uses. The link above will give you more info plus a demonstration so you can get a feel for how much this program has to offer.

This book, written by Dr. Michael Ryce can be downloaded from this website. It’s a fun and quick read in the format of a conversation taking place between two men. It covers topics like how to form and maintain healing relationships, the cause of pain, healing inherited patterns, the cause of health, and much more. In addition to this free book download, the site offers many more helpful tools which facilitate the process of self-healing and self-responsibility. The generous spirit of Dr. Ryce and the HeartLand sanctuary and teaching center flows throughout this site. The book, described as “a unique, original synthesis of science, psychology and theology, rich with insights from the ancient Aramaic language and culture” lays the groundwork for a new way of viewing your personal reality.

Your Money or Your Life - Transforming your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence
Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin wrote this book in 1992. It’s not only still worth reading some 17 years later – it may be required reading for today’s economic environment. Why am I including this book as a resource for Life Energy Alignment Practice? The web link above offers Frumi’s synopsis of the authors’ work and the premise it’s based on:

“This book is about the integration of all aspects of life. Our financial life does not function separately. The basics of making your spending money (and hopefully your saving) of money into a clear mirror of your life values and purpose. The purpose of this book is to transform your relationship with money. Once you have changed the nature and function of your interaction with money, through following the steps in this book, your relationship with money will be transformed. You will reach new levels of comfort, competence and consciousness around money. The authors call this consciousness the results of FI (Financially Independent) thinking. FI thinking will lead to Financial Intelligence, Financial Integrity and Financial Independence. Financial Integrity is achieved by learning the true impact of your earning and spending, both on your immediate family and on the planet. It is knowing what is enough money and material goods to keep you at the peak of fulfillment – and what is excess and clutter. It is having all aspects of your financial life in alignment with your values.”

In addition to this list of LEAP resources, reference sources and some recommended reading for further self-help and education will be added soon.

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