The Law of Attraction is at Work in Your Business

What is The Law of Attraction and how does it affect your business? If somehow you’ve escaped hearing about Law of Attraction even after the huge commercial success of the movie, The Secret, essentially, it's based on the premise that energy attracts like energy.

Now, if the whole idea of attracting people, things and circumstances as a result of the vibrational frequencies you resonate seems a bit whacked, well, let's explore this important principle a bit and see if we can make more sense of it.

School Daze Science Review

You may remember from school science class that the basic building block of our physical reality (that we are aware of) is the atom - which consists of electrons, neutrons and protons. However the atom itself, as we've come to learn, is not actually physical - it is an energy signature. Since everything in the physical realm consists of atoms, we ourselves and everything on this planet and in our universe are also energy signatures. The important thing to remember is that energy attracts like energy.

Energy itself vibrates at different frequencies and its vibration determines how it will manifest. A good example of this can be seen with water. Freezing water decreases its vibratory rate and creates ice. Apply some heat, the vibratory rate increases and we have water again. Increasing the temperature more increases the vibratory rate again and we now have steam. Different vibration levels manifest different realities.

Vibrational Frequency and Internal Programming

Anything that you want to see show up in your life has a specific vibrational frequency. If you want to attract something, you need to resonate with its frequency. Put another way, your vibrational frequency, which determines your internal (subconscious) programming, needs to align with what you seek.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, tells us that as much as 95 percent of our lives - our likes, dislikes, reactions and responses, our health and well-being, our failures and successes, etc. - is determined by the automatic subconscious programs that continually run beneath the surface of our waking consciousness.

This becomes a challenge however, when the internal programs running are faulty, low in vibration, based on false beliefs or otherwise don't serve us well. Unfortunately, because these programs operate at the deep level of our subconscious, we are seldom aware of their existence. That is, until we learn to recognize the evidence - outer reality always reflects internal reality; internal programing manifests what shows up or doesn't show up in our lives. For example, you may say that you want to achieve a certain higher income level. But if you have a subconscious program running that says you are somehow undeserving or that it’s otherwise unattainable, your outer reality reflects this as true and you will struggle to manifest this intention.

Vibrational Frequency is The Key to Success

Vibrational frequency is key in using the Law of Attraction to achieve beneficial, productive outcomes of your intentions. (It can even be used to rewrite internal programs, but that's another essay :-)The frequency of your energy signature resonates within everything that you think, do and say. As everyone and everything is energy, people pick up on your vibrations and respond to it consciously and subconsciously. If your vibrational attraction pattern is high and positive and aligned with your objectives/values, it will resonate with people and circumstances of similar resonance patterns. If the vibration is low/negative and unaligned with your objectives, it will resonate with similar attractor patterns and you will get a result other than what you are seeking.

Whether or not you acknowledge it, your vibrational frequency determines what happens in your life and by extension, your business. So it’s in your best interest to consciously choose what you want to achieve and then learn to align your energy with that vibrational objective through the Law of Attraction.

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