The Art of Homeopathy in Practice

Article contributed by Dr. Brandie Gowey, NMD
Founder, President, Naturopaths International

…The physician’s highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy—to heal, as it is termed.

Words from Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, a 19th century German medical doctor. Hahnemann had discovered that minute doses of carefully chosen substances could stimulate a patient’s body to heal itself. He called this discovery homeopathy, a system of medicine that causes cure by shifting the patient’s innate inner energy, the “vital force.” The vital force energy can become hampered, or “untuned” as Hahnemann said, by disease and lifestyle. The well-chosen homeopathic remedy can shift that paradigm, freeing the patient to experience greater states of health.

…Natural substances that have been found to be medicinal are so only by virtue of their power to modify the human organism through a dynamic, spirit-like effect upon the spirit-like vital principle that governs life…

                                                                                                                                            - Hahnemann, The Organon of Medicine, 1755.

Homeopathic medicines are made from substances that are diluted in water. The energy of the original substance is transferred to water, but none of its solid structure is. Homeopathy applies principles of physics to medicine—that every solid, liquid and gas has its own unique anatomical vibration, and that water takes on this vibration. If a disease has its own vibration as well, a homeopathic medicine given that has a higher energy will cause your body to recognize the energy of the medicine and shift to match it. This is what brings about cure: the well-trained homeopathic or naturopathic physician will match a remedy to the symptoms of the disease, and give the smallest dose of the homeopathic medicine to bring about the greatest cure.

In my experience seeing patients, I have seen homeopathy to be one of the most powerful medicines of our time. My first experience with it as a new doctor was in Nepal. I had founded Naturopaths International a few months prior and gotten my license when I went to Nepal for my first experience in international medicine. My goal was to see how naturopathic medicine could help women and children in shelters, as well as to make connections with a shelter organization in Kathmandu who provided food, shelter and education for abused women, kids orphaned, and women in the sex trade (

One of my first patients was an eight-year old who presented with isolated raised areas on his skin-which I quickly and to my dismay recognized as small pox. One other child in the shelter was beginning to show similar skin lesions. My initial reaction, other than a bit of panic over being a new doctor, was that the only tool I had with me was homeopathy. I took the case—meaning I took the symptoms, everything I could gather about the patient’s experience and after much deliberation I decided up on one remedy. I dosed it to both children, put them in isolation and returned two days later.

Both children had 100% resolution of symptoms!

I had never been so happy. Homeopathy is amazing in a way I cannot fully describe. It’s also a true art to practice, as there are dozens of remedies, all with very similar characteristics in terms of matching to the presenting disease picture. The art comes in knowing what makes both the remedy and disease unique and then dosing and following the shifts that occur. Sometimes multiple doses are needed, different potencies, or remedies. I have seen homeopathy hold results and keep them. If symptoms return, the practitioner has to decide if a remedy is still required, or if a new one is indicated.

Dr. Brandie Gowey, NMD
Founder, President, Naturopaths International
1100 N. San Francisco St, STE F
Flagstaff, Az 86001

Valory’s Comments: Millions of people suffer needlessly because they don’t know about homeopathy, don’t believe in its effectiveness or because it isn’t covered by their health insurance (and so, is not thought of as a viable option). Every day, people die from falls, auto accidents, allergic reactions, heart attacks, or shock. How many of those lives could have been saved with a few cent’s worth of a homeopathic remedy? Thanks Dr. Brandie for your timely article and terrific example of the power this time-tested healing system gives us. And thanks too for the incredible work you are doing here in the States as well as in Nepal.

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