Holograms and Entangled Realities

A biospiritual healing practice works on several energetic levels of reality. To best understand how this model of healing can be effective, let's take a brief look at holograms and explore the concepts known as:

  • The holotropic mind
  • The holographic universe
  • Entanglement

Holotropic is defined as “moving toward wholeness”, and is generally used in conjunction with the term hologram. Every part or aspect of a hologram contains all the information of the whole - it cannot be reduced down into smaller parts as each part is really just a smaller whole.

The physicist David Bohm coined the term “Holoverse” in which he said, “the entire universe has to be thought of as an unbroken whole.”

And Michael Talbot in his book, The Holographic Universe, explains that while the human mind, as we know it, requires enfoldment in physical reality it also appears to simultaneously enfold and contain the totality of reality, as does a hologram. According to Talbot, the universe is holographic. And not only are we part of this holographic universe, our minds are also holographic in nature - or what he calls the “holotropic mind.”

Dean Radin, author of Entangled Minds, speaks of a “new reality” as being “the modern understanding of the interconnected medium in which we live, the fabric of reality as revealed by modern physics”. He goes on to say that reality is woven from strange, 'holistic' threads that aren't located precisely in space and time. Tug on a dangling loose end from the fabric of reality, and the whole cloth twitches, instantly, throughout all space and time.

Radin refers to the concept of “entanglement”. This is defined as connections between separated particles that persist regardless of distance. These connections are instantaneous. And they imply that on the essential level, what we perceive as separations between ordinary, isolated objects are illusions created by our limited perceptions.

Physicists now believe that entanglement between particles exists everywhere, all the time, and have recently found shocking evidence that it affects the wider, 'macroscopic' world that we inhabit.

~ Michael Brooks, New Scientist March 2004

The universe is a hologram. As residents of this holographic universe we possess holotropic minds. Because of entanglement we are each intimately connected on an essential level with one another and with the environment in which we live. At all times, this connection exists, whether or not we consciously engage it.

As holograms of the universe, our minds cooperate with it and with each other in co-creating what we perceive as our reality. It's an on-going creative process. But just what is it that we are calling “real”? Perhaps what we call real is but a collective dream in the Universal Field of Dreams....

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