The Creation of Health

It’s said that within every challenge lie the seeds of opportunity. This is true of the challenge we face as a population today. It provides an opportunity to create the changes we wish to see in our lives and our health. How can we do this? Where do we begin?

Bridge to a Higher Place

Imagine yourself a bridge,
Maybe a bamboo bridge,
Swinging in the Amazon...
Maybe an old stone bridge,
Green with hanging moss.
Those who need your wisdom,
And your kindness,
Move across your back,
Into the all-embracing realm,
Of the powers of creativity,
Where unfound lands of love lie,
For all to bask in,
Like a mothers open arms.
~ Jane Evershed

One way we can begin to do this is by taking a biospiritual approach to self-healing. We can use alternative healing methods as complements to allopathic health care.

Biological innovation linked to spiritual recognition and human evolution is the…rational alternative to the ongoing devastation in medicine.

~ Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Author of DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

Far too many of us can share horrifying tales of medical nightmares; stories of unnecessary surgeries, conflicting prescriptions leading to medical complications or even death, practitioner negligence, indifference and ignorance. I personally have lost too many loved ones - friends and family members who unquestionly followed the saged advice of their medical practitioner only to pay the heavy price with their health or lives.

I don’t suggest discarding the allopathic medical paradigm. Allopathic medicine serves very important functions in our quest for health and well-being. It’s most important role remains in the area of critical care as in the case of emergencies, accidents and the like.

I’d rather suggest we reinstate our sense of self-responsibility in matters of our own ongoing healthcare. We educate ourselves through reading accurate sources of information and networking with others. We take an active educated role in deciding how to best heal ourselves and our loved ones. And we continually ask questions. We question everything. If there is even a hint of clarification needed, we ask for it....and get it.

There're many good quality alternative healing resources we can use to educate ourselves. As a matter of fact, one good web-based source of info can be found at This free educational forum edited by Ken Adachi is “ dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions.”

There're many helpful free or fee subscription publications too. Check these out:

  • The Health Coach
  • The Health Ranger at
  • Dr. Mercola's Take Control of Your Health
  • IMVA - International Medical Veritas Association
  • The Cure Zone - Alternative Medicine Forum
  • The Int'l Society For The Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

    I’ve always got my antennae up for quality information sources. I prefer cross-referencing several sources when possible rather than rely on any one exclusively. When gathering information no matter the source, I always check in with my inner guidance system to verify if it resonates as truth. 

  • Should I choose to enlist the help of a health care provider – allopathic and/or alternative healing practitioner - I usually have an idea of what treatment options are available to me and can ask questions accordingly.

    When the need arises, we have many excellent effective alternative healing methods we can work with to heal ourselves. By adopting an empowered approach to our own health care we can make well-informed choices from our many available options.

    Our objective though in using a biospiritual approach to self-care is to remain healthy, well, and free of dis-ease and dys-function. We use the model of spirit-soul-mind-body holism, acknowledge its communication pathways and listen and respond to the wisdom of our bodies.

    Uniting science and spirit with intention creates a balanced integrity between the four energetic levels of reality within which we all participate. This harmonic integrity informs a foundational well-being wherein dis-ease or dys-function seldom arises.

    This website explores some of the alternative options we can use for self-healing. Trust your inner guidance when choosing which are right for you and will support your own healing journey.

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