A BioSpiritual Healing Journey

Establishing the source cause of a condition or illness may not always be easy. Until we’ve developed greater sensitivity to disrupting energies, most of us won’t consciously notice or heed early signs of disharmony until it manifests in our physical bodies.

However, now we understand an important premise - to focus on the physical symptoms of an illness or condition alone may ‘cure’ its symptoms. But it doesn't necessarily affect a 'healing’ of the self.

If we address the symptoms without a full understanding of their causative factors, they often return; or they are replaced by another set of symptoms; or perhaps they are not alleviated at all!

And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?  ~ Rumi

And so, if our intention is truly to heal ourselves, we must gather our courage and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Though perhaps every journeyer is best forewarned: Here there may indeed be dragons!...and Threshold Guardians and possibly all manner of shadows as well.

But the dragons guard the precious gold. The Guardians stand before the doorway of opportunity. And the shadows are transformed by the touch of love into allies.

Let’s take an example of a condition to illustrate my point: Perhaps you recently experienced an unwanted breakup of a relationship. Steeped in emotional pain, you chose last night to have a couple drinks (and a few too many). Now you’ve awakened the next day with a pounding headache.

The obvious physical downside of this scenario is the pain in your head. However, at least for the time being, due to the tremendous pounding of your head, you don’t feel the pain of heartache and loss. Nevertheless, you take a couple of pain-killers to temporarily alleviate your dehydration-induced headache. You have in effect ‘cured’ both manifestations of pain. Are you healed?

If you don’t re-hydrate your body, once the effects of the pain-killers wear off, the headache will return and your condition could get much worse. But even if you do drink enough water to stave off the return of your headache, your heartache will still come back.

Why? Because you haven’t healed the source cause of the pain – in this case, what you believe is the emotional pain of an ended relationship. (in actuality, this is itself yet another symptom) If steps aren’t taken to do so, then a number of unpleasant scenarios – including a repeat performance of the previous evening, deteriorating physical/mental/emotional health and wellbeing, etc. – are possible.

How do you heal this condition?

Remember that intention precedes physical manifestation. And it follows the communication pathways of - spirit informs soul; soul informs mind; and mind informs body. Your healing journey begins with your intention to move beyond pain as it aligns with Divine Intention - that of Love/Joy/Peace/Well-Being. It flows somewhat as follows:

  • Somewhere in the depths of pain that is your current reality, the beginnings of an image forms - the potential for relief from pain.
  • From this image an intention is set that motivates you to stop abusing your body with alcohol/chemicals.
  • Once you eliminate the chemicals that were blocking your pain - initially the pain of headache and heartache returns. This of course is as it should be. Pain is your body’s language informing you of needed attention.
  • But now your held image and set intention give you courage to face your felt pain; allow it to flow energetically through your system and run its healing course. i.e., you’ll move through the pain and emerge on the other side of it. No, there’s no going around it.
  • Eventually you'll come to understand how and where former relational intentions went awry. You’ll realize the pain you feel and most likely the ending of the relationship are results of a previously unrealized or unacknowledged source cause.
  • At some point during your journey, you come to view this experience as a blessing; your healing proceeds and your pain is released.
  • You begin to release previous belief/thought/emotional patterns that you realize no longer serve you constructively
  • Your soul whispers - imagine the possibility of new scenarios for your life.
  • You invite new supportive patterns to replace those released.

The healing is in the journey. For you’ve met your dragons and tamed them. You’ve shined the light of love into your dark corners illuminating the shadows. You’ve met the challenge set by the guardians and can now see the opportunities opening before you. More to the point – you’ve sourced the cause of the symptoms.

This of course, is a very simple illustration of a biospiritual healing journey - a bare-bones version if you will. As I develop the site, I’ll expand on this basic outline with more details of the healing process.

For now, this example illustrates the interconnected pathways of communication between spirit-soul-mind-body. And this integrative model informs every healing journey, no matter its physical manifestation.

It’s worth noting that underlying source causes of chronic illnesses may not be as readily apparent as in the above example. Yet they are there. For this reason, it’s helpful to seek support in your quest to surface the factors. There are a number of techniques and resources that facilitate the process of journeying.

Of this I’m certain - this is a transformative journey into the realm of pure potentiality. What you may first envision as your destination may not be the place where you ultimately arrive. Similarly, the person who completes the journey won’t be the same one who began it. 

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