Gulf Oil Toxicity ~ An Empowered Self-Reliant Healing Perspective Part 2

This series of articles addresses, in part, Gulf Oil Toxicity - the toxic environment created in the Gulf of Mexico region of the U.S. by the BP Gulf oil disaster. Included is information for empowered, self-reliant healers and how we can protect and care for ourselves and others affected by this environmental calamity. I am not a licensed medical practitioner and do not diagnose nor treat medical conditions. The information presented here is for educational purposes. You are encouraged to conduct your own self-education and contact a medical doctor when needed.

Researchers at Columbia University’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness conducted a telephone survey of over 1,200 Gulf Coast residents in July 2010, after the Deepwater Horizon well had been capped. Survey findings reported that over 40% of the adults living within 10 miles of the coast had experienced direct exposure to the BP Gulf Oil ‘spill’ or cleanup efforts. And 40% of this population reported suffering from either respiratory problems or skin irritations.

This mainstream media (MSM) news broadcast from mid-July mentions the cases of T.I.L.T, Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance, that began appearing in the local population.

Update:Though this topic was openly discussed in 2010, it seems the video I originally posted here is no longer available and a search of YouTube now yields little useful references to T.I.L.T. :-(

On July 30th, reported that Thousands in Gulf Suffer from Misdiagnosed Skin Lesions. Apparently residents from Plaquemines Parish, in Louisiana “have begun to show up at clinics and hospitals with mysterious scabs and pustules covering their extremities.” Receiving diagnoses of suffering from scabies or staph infections with no underlying cause, the patients feel they haven’t been given proper medical treatment.

Deborah Dupre gave us this disturbing news in her article published July 31st, by, Censored Gulf eyewitness testimonies of coughing up blood and other horror stories:

Coughing up blood is among horrors that eyewitnesses are reporting in south Louisiana where BP medics diagnose the sudden widespread, burning, itching skin, lesions and marks as “scabies” or staph and government health focus on “stress” and mental condition of millions of people poisoned with what scientists report is 11 times more lethal than crude oil toxins now in Gulf and coastal water and air. Americans are still encouraged to eat Gulf seafood.

On July 29 Global Justice Radio Blog Talk Radio program hosted by Rev. T.K. (Kathryn) O'Shannahan-Hyland and Vin Beazel called “Agent Orange Alert,” listeners heard eyewitness and personal accounts of internal bleeding from orifices including coughing up blood and nose bleeds.

Other Gulf residents have reported leg swellings, aching bones, weight loss, stomach pains, eye sties, shortness of breath, burning throat, mouth and lips, unending nausea, vomiting brown substance, brown urine, rectal bleeds, numbness in extremities, memory loss and disorientation, loss of consciousness, and more.

That was last month. Unfortunately, as of this writing in mid-August, conditions aren't getting better for our folks down south even though 75% of the oil has supposedly 'disappeared' in an astonishingly short period of time according to MSM spin. Of course, that’s if you hear or read any news regarding the Gulf coast from MSM. Certainly there are snippets of valid information here and there. But overall, the prevailing attitude is “move along, nothing to see here folks...”

Here’s the link to the blog post ~ Hell Has Come to South Louisiana ~ by Dahr Jamail that was mentioned in the video.

In another August 5th blog post, 40% Of Residents Exposed To BP Gulf Oil Spill Suffer From Respiratory Problems And Skin Lesions, Alexander Higgins writes:

I have received emails and heard personal stories from Louisiana to Florida of people who have developed skin rashes and blisters from going in the ocean. People describe stings by “invisible jellyfish.” Turtle patrol volunteers who walk beaches daily write of blisters and bronchitis.

And Michael Edward says he has interviewed family and friends in Louisiana and Mississippi as well as RNs working at a Gulf coast emergency room and emergency clinic. He reported his findings August 10th in a post on The World Vision Portal, The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving:

Every one of those working on the shrimp boat have suffered from flu-like symptoms since the end of May, 2010. This includes migraine headaches, eye aches, joint aches, ear aches, severe coughing bouts, fevers, vomiting, and swollen glands (especially in the neck). These same symptoms are being seen in the coastal ER's as well. But as family and the RN's have confirmed, these symptoms are not caused by any viral flu. This is not the same as the Asian Flu or any other viral flu bug. These symptoms are directly caused by a lack of oxygen due to airborne chemicals and toxic gases.

Along with the symptoms that mimic flu-like viruses, there are increasing cases of severe symptomatic cyanosis. These rapidly increasing symptoms range from bluish lip color to numbness in fingers and toes. There is also a fast growing increase of pneumonia cases which are being diagnosed as chemical induced pneumonia. Those working on boats and those living directly on the coast are the most [affected].

Cyanosis is the condition of oxygen starvation in the blood and symptoms include blue tinged lips and body extremities. Are these cases of cyanosis being found in the Gulf caused by actual oxygen depletion in the environment as Edward suggests? Or could they be the result of residents developing critically toxic internal environments – impaired respiratory processes?

In any event, these reports are quite alarming if not surprising. A lot of people are very ill in the Gulf coast region of our country. Many of the residents are not getting adequate or appropriate medical treatments for their ailments. Except for a sprinkling of reports on local news stations, the MSM is generally not reporting the severity of this health crisis. And no provisions are being made for the long-term health issues that will certainly manifest from this officially unacknowledged mass poisoning of our southern population.

“I think the media now has to...tell the American people who’s getting money for poisoning the millions of people in the Gulf.” ~ Hugh Kaufman, senior EPA analyst

Walking dead: Ongoing BP Gulf disaster may be killing millions

Given these dire circumstances and lack of government concern for the Gulf coast population, it appears residents exposed to a toxic environment are left on their own to become self-reliant healers, finding ways of protecting their health, mitigate the damage being done to their physical bodies and to psycho-emotional health.

End notes:

Health Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill Gina M. Solomon, MD, MPH; Sarah Janssen, MD, PhD, MPH - Journal of American Medical Association, August 16, 2010

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BP Oil Spill: Dealing with Uncertainty, Human Health and a Manhattan-Sized Toxic Soup Article written by Jeffrey H. Toney,, August 20, 2010

Walking dead: Ongoing BP Gulf disaster may be killing millions The addendum at end of this article lists links to several more articles and information resources relating to health issues, toxins data, the 'debate' over the (non)-disappearing oil, and more.

World Vision Portal ~ WVP Radio Michael Edward hosted his premier broadcast of WVP Radio on August 21, 2010. In this opening 90 minute show, he “reveals what's REALLY happening with the Gulf of Mexico. You won't hear what he's researched on any typical MSM - Mainstream Media - radio show. If you want to know what BP and the Washington City crowd have kept hidden from the public, this broadcast will surely wake you up and shock you.” (Folks, this is a must-listen for all)

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