Essential Oils ~ Our BioSpiritual Allies

As the ‘life force’ or essence of plants, essential oils are the physical expression of plant spirit. Their purpose in a plant is to protect it from stresses of all kinds – pesky visitors, bacteria, fungi and other microbes. They also serve to heal the plant’s wounds, prevent dehydration and survive under difficult growing conditions. And just as essential oils help to protect and heal plants, these same properties can benefit us as well. From a biospiritual perspective, they’re our healing allies.

To understand how essential oils are not simply healing aids, but biospiritual “allies” – we must first recognize the relationship that exists between humans and the plants from which the essential oils originate. There are three biospiritual principles that underlie this plant/human relationship and its healing effectiveness:

  1. As outlined in the BioSpirituality section of this website - the Universe at its most fundamental level is composed of intelligent, cooperative (exchangeable) energy.

  2. Humans and plants (all things) are composed of this same energy.

  3. Plants are sentient beings and have a spirit that is inclined toward humans.
Shamans simply say that since everything is spirit, i.e. intelligent energy, it’s quite possible for the spirit (essence) of a plant to enter and influence us, change our energy frequency and create new possibilities for healing.

Plants as Intelligent Energy?

If you find this hard to believe – that plants possess intelligence – it might amuse you to know that Nobel-nominated Michio Kaku once remarked that “the universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”

Let’s see what some researchers have come up with on this topic of plant intelligence….

  • Researcher Jeremy Narby, PhD, studied plant sentience and then wrote about it in his book, Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge. He concludes that plants are, in fact, not so very different from us:

    Science now indicates that plants, like animals and humans, can learn about the world around them and use cellular mechanisms similar to those we rely on. Plants learn, remember, and decide…Plant cells relay information to one another using signals such as charged calcium atoms. Our neurons do the same. Plant cells also have their own particular signals, which tend to be relatively large and complicated proteins and RNA transcripts. These molecules swim around the plant providing information from cell to cell. Individual plant cells also appear to have a capacity to know… Scientists now confirm what shamans have long said about the nature of nature.

  • A classic book on plant research, The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird recounts Cleve Backster’s fascinating work with plants he’s attached to polygraph machines. Among his findings and conclusions:

    1. Not only are plants as sensitive as human beings (or even more so), they are also able to read emotions and intentions - there is a form of psychic connection, or affinity, between plants and people.

    2. Plants react not just to threats, but to presences or movements in their environment.

    3. Plants have memory, emotions, and very humanlike reactions, as well as psychic abilities.

    4. Plants demonstrate a love or empathy toward their ‘care-givers,’ responding to the positive and negative emotions felt by them even when separated by hundreds of miles and locked in a lead container! Whatever creates this connection is something outside the electromagnetic spectrum.

    5. There is a life force or energetic field that connects and is contained within all things.

  • And authors R. Heaven and Howard Charing mention the conclusions of another plant researcher, Alfred Vogel in their book, Plant Spirit Shamanism. They say:

    The mysterious energy through which we communicate with plants is love and intention. These are the essence of the universe. “Man can and does communicate with plant life,” said Vogel. “Plants…may be blind, deaf, and dumb in the human sense, but there is no doubt in my mind that they are extremely sensitive…They radiate energy forces that are beneficial to man. One can feel those forces! They feed into one’s own force field, which in turn feeds energy back to the plant.

For scientist and shaman, the conclusion is much the same – the universe is energy - intelligent and self-aware. Plants and humans are composed of this essential energy. The spirit of plants helps strengthen our connection with the greater energy of the universe and the intelligence pervading it. We are healed through our reconnection to the divine spirit of nature.

The Essence of Healing

During its lifespan, a plant will absorb and store immense energies gathered from its environment - through sunlight, soil and water. When we then consume a plant this energy is released and circulated throughout our own physical body and into our auric field. The plant energy both adds something of its own nature and helps release our blocked energy - stimulating self-healing.

Being a highly concentrated form of this plant energy, essential oils are many times more potent than using the plant itself. It’s not even necessary to ingest a plant to benefit from this energy exchange. Inhaling its aroma, skin contact or even simply being in close proximity can affect us.

Every plant carries its own unique energetic vibration or frequency – its own signature. In Magic From Brazil, author, Morwyn, writes that because of their energetic qualities “…each herb is believed to possess an etheric force easily capable of absorption by the skin. Every botanical crystallizes a particular virtue such as fertility, peace, vigor, protection, longevity, courage, happiness, good fortune, and glory, and may also drive away illness, negativity, misery, and noxious fluids.”

Using essential oils is an easy and versatile means of accessing these ‘virtues’ or beneficial healing intents. Being biospiritual healing allies, they’re like having good friends who accompany you on your healing journey – offering comfort and support along the way; sensing your needs possibly even before you do. And as any good friend would do – they help to meet those needs.  

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