Essential Oil Application Methods

There are four means by which essential oils can enter the body and three essential oil application methods.

The four ways to take oils into the body are through the lungs, through the skin, through the absorbent tissues of the body: oral, vaginal and rectal; and through the digestive tract.

The three essential oil application methods are by:

  • Inhalation
  • Ingestion
  • Topical

All pathways for oils entering the body are effective. This makes deciding how and where to apply oils for therapeutic benefits less problematical. However, keep the following in mind when deciding how to apply your oils:

  • When essential oils are applied to the absorbent tissues of the body they are quickly absorbed directly into the bloodstream. When the oils are swallowed to be assimilated through the digestive tract, they’re in large part destroyed by stomach acids. This means that larger quantities of the oil are required for this method than if simply held in the mouth. Some oils are too strong to be held in the mouth, so ingestion may be a better method. The oils can be put into capsules and swallowed or added to food or drink.

  • In some cases, inhalation of oils may be preferred over topical application. For example, if the goal is to increase growth hormone secretion, induce weight loss, or balance emotions – inhalation can be an effective method.

  • In other cases, topical application of oils would produce better results, for example as with muscle injuries, ligaments and bones.

  • All three methods of application can at times produce similar results. For example, a drop or two of peppermint taken orally may be just as effective for relieving indigestion as when it’s massaged on the stomach area.

  • Incorporating the application of essential oils into reflexology, Vita Flex, acupressure and similar disciplines, enhances the healing response and can produce results that might not be achieved by acupuncture or reflexology alone. A couple drops of oil applied to an acupuncture meridian or Vita Flex point on the hand or foot can produce results within a minute or two.

Essential oils are remarkably versatile. There’re many methods by which essential oils can be applied in aromatherapy. Here are some of the applications functionally grouped by body, room and water methods:

These are the more common essential oil application methods used today. The oils are so versatile, they lend themselves easily to the daily practices and routines of our lives. Enjoy!

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