Soul Medicine ~ The Heart of Healing Teleseminar Series with Author Eric Rolf

Eric Rolf is the author of a number of books, including The Soul Medicine Trilogy, which I reference often in my own biospiritual healing practice. The trilogy comprises:

  • Soul Medicine ~The Heart of Healing
  • Counting on Your Soul ~ Soul Purpose Numerology
  • Nanow ImaginAction

Over the past 35 years, Mr. Rolf has developed the Alma Creative Living Paradigm. This paradigm includes the Soul Medicine knowledge and methods of the “anti-medicine of instant creative cause and inner perceptive movement (IPM)”, an expansive framework for the creative perception of illness and wellness creation.

Mr. Rolf recently began offering a series of free teleseminars as another way of sharing some of his many years of accumulated wisdom with us and introducing this alternative healing and creative living paradigm. I’m on his mailing list and received an email from him a couple weeks ago announcing this new adventure he’s embarking upon. He had scheduled his first 90 minute teleseminar for March 28th at 6 p.m. The topic of discussion: “Soul Medicine ~ learning and applying a creative new vision in the art of living with dynamic health, abundance and joyful relationships.” Expanding on this topic he shares how to:

  • listen your way to dynamic health, abundance and joyful relationships.
  • feed your soul so your life doesn't seem to starve to death
  • gain insight into your personal life purpose
  • learn to follow your personal life cycles
Well, I had very much wished to treat myself to this great opportunity. Unfortunately, a crazy schedule prevented this from happening, and so I hoped that Mr. Rolf would graciously decide to post a recording of the event ~ which, YAY, he did! I've linked to it below.

Be forewarned however, Mr. Rolf seems to have had the devil of a time with his first foray into this new (for him) communication medium. The result is that there’s only about a half hour or so of let's say, less-than-ideal quality recording. He writes in apology:

“Hi friends, first I wish to apologize for the technical difficulties we experienced on Monday with the intended teleseminar. We were located at the time at a resort in Sedona and our internet connection went down and we didn't realize it until about 45 minutes had passed. I appreciate the notes that several of you have sent and soon we will announce another teleseminar get together of some kind and with a better technical basis…Actually, we did do something and there was a shortened broadcast but by that time most people had left. In any case, here is a link so you can listen to about 30 minutes of the broadcast.”

You can access and download the recording here.

Even so, this initial recording gives you the flavor of his teaching style and a sense of what he has to offer us once he gets all the technical gremlins exorcized :-)

Lucky for us, Mr. Rolf is forging ahead with his second teleseminar scheduled for this Friday, April 8th. Here’s the info he has sent out:

Dear friends,

We now have a new date for our second attempt at sharing our work via a teleseminar. The date is Friday April 8 at 6 pm Pacific time (7 mountain 8 central 9 eastern). The topic for my opening comments will be: 1) a brief summary of the basic concept of the Soul Medicine Paradigm and 2) the law of confusion and the law of clarity. Then, for the rest of the meeting we will be open for questions of all sorts relating to the art of living our paradigm for health, wealth and happiness. In order to ask your questions live it is necessary to be registered on skype and make a skype call to the telephone number given for the conference call including the pin number.

All the information can be found here:

peace, love and freedom

You can learn more about Eric Rolf by visiting his website at
Let’s wish him good luck with this second go around with many more to come!

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