Effective Winter Care Tips for Healthy Skin

Article Contributed by Jessica Williams

For most of us, winter months aren't all about the rosy glow on your cheeks or the perfect shiny hair contrasting against gently falling snowflakes.  It’s more about cracked hands, chapped lips, and the needed increase of moisturizer for our faces. When I was younger I’ve always wondered why bath and body lotions were the go to present as the perfect holiday gift, but now it is all starting to make sense. Probably because my skin is telling me I NEED them myself.

Chilly winds, and unpredictable weather during this time throws our body into a frenzy, never knowing what to expect. Our complexion becomes tougher; there isn’t enough chapstick in the world to sooth my cracking kips, and why oh why do my hands and legs look like I’m related to an alligator all of a sudden?

Luckily, there are several ways in which you can keep your skin ready to fight the wrath of chilly winters.

This article takes you through several sure fire tips that will prevent you from suffering from dry skin this winter. Desperate times call for desperate measures and when it comes to the health of your skin, it’s worth all the care that is at your disposal.

 1. Say Goodbye to Hot Showers

 Ever noticed how your skin shows white flakes and feels rough after you get out from a boiling hot shower in winters? Well, that's just your skin's way of telling you that the hot water you were using to warm yourself up removed all the moisture from the pores of your skin. Use lukewarm water no matter how tempting the idea of a hot shower seems. Also, cut down your showering time to just five or ten minutes to avoid dry skin.

Studies show that longer showers get rid of all the moisture it has retained by opening up the pores. In fact, soaking in hot water can be suicide for your skin during winters. I know, you would think it works the opposite way, but it doesn’t. Our bodies are mysterious and like to play games with us.

2. Moisturize a LOT!

One of the best ways to keep your skin from cracking in winters is to use a lot of moisturizers and apply it thoroughly whenever needed. Certain moisturizers last longer than the others and keep your skin hydrated even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.  Make sure to use ones from well known companies and advertise 24-hour protection.

Using these moisturizers is an excellent way to prevent flaky skin and lines that appear due to dryness. Every time you wash your face or hands, make sure to dab some moisturizer instantly. An oil based moisturizer is the most reliable one for winters.

3. Humidifier- your best skin care investment for winters!

You will be surprised to know how well a humidifier balances the moisture level of your skin. The air in winter is usually very dry and sucks out all the moisture from your surroundings. To maintain the moisture content, get a humidifier installed, or a little portable one for your room, desk, or office.

For added health benefits, you might want to consider an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. These double as humidifiers and come with the added benefit of fighting air born bacteria in your home, keeping you moisturized and healthy all year long.

4. Drink a lot of water

One common mistake all of us tend to make in winters is completely forget to drink enough water. Due to fewer hours of sunlight and the overall weather being colder, we don’t get as hot as we do in other seasons. Because of this, we forget we still need to drink water to replenish our bodies.

Did you know that we drink, on average, 4 glasses less of water per day in the winter compared to summer time? This isn’t just bad for your health but also affects your skin adversely. Water works wonders in maintaining the pH balance of your skin.

Therefore, make sure you know how much water we need to drink daily in order to stay healthy. Water is the source of life after all; it takes care of everything- from a smoother skin to well-functioning body systems.

5. Grab your Sun Protection Creams

What? I barely use sunscreen in the summertime! Ok, no, sorry, that’s a lie. I do use sunscreen in summer, but I often forget to in winter. Because we’re always covered up, and there is generally a lack of prolonged sun exposure, we never really think to use sun protection. What you should know though is that the sun's rays are equally responsible for our dry dehydrated as windy winter weather.

In fact, in winters the heat of the sun might not feel as strong, but it still can damage your skin quite easily. Using SPF protection in winters is crucial, especially on the lips. Just grab a lip balm with SPF in it, and you’ll be set to go. Many moisturizes and face lotions include SPF in them already, but do a double check just to make sure.

Hello soft skin

Another easy way to keep your skin healthy is by eating right. Consumption of healthy fats and citrus fruits can keep your skin nourished and glowing from within, no matter how harsh the weather outside is.  If you start to notice you’re reaching for moisturizer more often than usual, just remember these few simple tricks that can make a huge difference.

Jessica Williams is a writer, a foodie, and an adventurer. She will go to extraordinary lengths in the search for good foods and will try any food at least once. Travelling to different parts of the world has opened her eyes to the benefits of holistic approaches to life and wellness and is always happy to chat or learn from others. Visit her at Essentialoildiffuser.io

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