A Note of Sanity in a Covid-19 World

Is there really a Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world? I don't accept that. For so many reasons. Too many to enumerate in this brief posting. But consider catching up on some of the YT videos Bruce Lipton has put out recently. And, even better, check out the information Dr. Andrew Kaufman has been sharing about viruses.

I first heard of Dr. Kaufman when he was a guest on Crrow777 Radio a few weeks ago. He has since returned to Crrow’s podcast a couple of times as well as appearing on Jason Lindgren’s YT channel, Secrets of Saturn. (Jason being a co-host on Crrow’s channel). You can hear the first hour of Dr. Kaufman’s interviews with Crrow for free on YT. The first hours are well worth listening to even if you don't want to subscribe as a member to catch the second hour of the interviews..

Why? Because he presents very good information about what viruses probably REALLY are; that the germ theory is just that – a theory – that has never been proven; and what is the probable cause of disease/illnesses. And it’s not viruses or bacteria.

On his own YT channel, he posted an excellent presentation at the end of March summing up what he surmises COVID-19 really is. It makes a helluva lot of sense to me. I feel Dr. Kaufman is a voice of reason presenting much-needed commonsense information in a world gone off the deep end of crazy.


This link will take you to episode 203 on Crrow777 YT, the first guest appearance of Dr. Kaufman on March 9th.

203- It's Just a Cold, Grow Up

I’ll be very clear about my opinion of the Covid-19 propaganda – it is a cover story for some other agenda. What that is exactly remains to be revealed. But it’s obvious that it’s not what it’s being presented as. Yes, people are dying. Many of those with underlying health conditions and the very old or frail; people who would be dying any year if an additional stress factor were introduced to their system. Just like any so-called "flu season". But to label this as pandemic proportions is nonsensical. And doing so is scaring the hell out of a lot of people as well as destroying livelihoods and businesses. So, the question becomes, why? We need more Dr. Kaufmans to step forward with solid information, and more people to regain their reasoning minds.

One of my favorite writers and philosophers, Neil Kramer, weighed in with his thoughts on the coronavirus recently with a blog post on his website. Worth a read.

Thoughts on Coronavirus

For whatever it’s worth, perhaps this information will, at the very least, help to ease stress levels a bit. My hope is that it gets more people to stop blindly accepting the narrative given to us and instead question, question, question everything!


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